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How much more performance can I squeeze out of this machine WITHOUT ex

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The specs should be in my sig, I'll find out after posting. :P


Anyway, I have a Zalman heatsink and two 120mm fans in there. These are my current temps according to Everest:


Motherboard: 39 C

CPU: 37 C

North bridge (?): 47 C

GPU1: 41 C (but nVidia's display properties claims 51 C, I don't know why)

GPU2: 46 C (Nvidia properties claims 56 C)

GPU1 Ambient: 35 C

GPU2 Ambient: 39 C


Are those good temps? And why does Nvidia's menus report different temps? Are they more accurate?


Anyway, from what I've read, OC'ing GPUs isn't as complicated as doing memory or CPU. How much of a performance increase can I expect if I don't want to add extra cooling?

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All your temps look fine, though northbridge is a little high perhaps


First overclock the gpu ram, no heat to worry about there so just push em up until artifacts appear in 3dmark or something and then back down 20mhz or so. Then push gpu do something similar, the gpu has thermal throttling if it gets to hot. Cpu wise probably keep it under 55-65deg under load which the zalman will do. Have a look at the overclocking stickies for more info about cpu/mem overclocking

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it depend how well you CPU could clock without raising too much voltage. The temperature look fine to me. I suspect everest misread the temperature of your GPU. I have a similar VGA card with my friend, our GPU temperature according to NVIDIA CP are similar (51-52c). However, I everest reading seemed off by 5 degree (45c). But my friend's everest reading is 51C on a MSI MB.

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Thanks for the replies. :)

I'll read the overclocking guide.


I had another question about fan speeds. SpeedFan reports these for my fans:


Fan1: 1493 RPM

Fan2: 0 RPM

Fan3: 3924 RPM


This is from Everest:


CPU: 1455 RPM

PSU: 3924 RPM


So I know the heatsink and PSU are fine. Also, I can see that the back fan is fine as well, I can feel the airflow. Would the "Fan2" be the extra 120mm fan in my PC? Basically it means that it isn't operating, right?

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