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Question For Logitech Mx700 Users...

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Hey All!


I have just bought a Logitech MX700 cordless optical mouse.


Usually I would avoid these types of mouse due to the 'lag' caused by the power saving features. Logitech seem to have got around this problem and I have to say, this mouse is great!


I do how one issue however...


Every so often the mouse stops responding for a second, maybe two, and then responds again. While this is happening, the green LED on the receiver lights up briefly.


Not a huge problem I know, but I would like to remedy the problem if at all possible.


At the moment, all I can think of is interference from other devices?



I have a P4 2.8, Win XP Pro.


I used to have the Logitech cordless mouse and keyboard. I have disconnected the mouse, but still use the cordless keyboard (meaning I have two different receivers).


MX700 is plugged in via USB (PS/2 port is empty)



Anyone have any ideas? would be really appreciated

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all i can say is that you would want to move any receiver as far away as you can from a monitor or speaker or anything that could create interferance. Also wireless phones, microwaves, 802.11 networks can interfere as well. I can just recommend to try to eliminate as much possible interference. Also try changing the channel on the mouse, that might help if you have a crowded radio range in your house.

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Thank you for the response Andrusk.


I thought I had put the receiver in a 'clear' spot. I will switch a few things off while using the mouse and see if I can identify the problem.



When you say changing channels, what does that involve?


(I have reset the connect buttons as recommended in the manual)

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