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Venice 3200 @ 2.6ghz Do these settings look alright?


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Ok I manged to get my Venice 3200 from 2.5ghz to 2.6ghz.


I had to increase the CPU voltage and it's at the lowest I can run 2.6ghz stable. Let me know if the voltage or other settings look screwy.



FSB Frequency = 260

CPU/FSB ratio = x10

LDT/FSB = x3.0 (I was concerned about this setting. 4 would push it over, but 3 is under 1000)


Bios reports the CPU as 1.54v in the PC Health screen


CPU VID Startup = 1.400v

CPU VID COntrol = 1.375v

CPU VID Special Control = %113

Using the chart in the stickies thats = 1.554v


During regular use (web surfing, etc) temps (using MBM5) hover at 31c-34c Now when I was stress testing the temps hovered from 44c-47/48c. A few times it hit 49c/50c but mostly it stayed at 46c during stress testing (SuperPI/OCCT/Prime).


RAM is Mushkin PC4000 Redline

Ram = 260mhz (DDR520) @ 1T 2-2-2-6 3.3v w/ dual 80mm fans for cooling. I hit it with Memtest 1.51 test #5 about 600 times.


The CPU voltage is the lowest I could go and it be stable.


I just wanted to know if any of these settings look extreme or as a general rule of thumb should I be alright with these? Thanks!!

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