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ps used to boot to 4-15 now refuses why?

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I woke up other day and pc was frozen from a long night of folding, it was on 4-15 bios settings as such

1.5-2--5-2-10-12 and alot of others set

workin fine at 2760mhz at 230X12

now all sudden pc wont evenboot onto 4-15 with dimms in 1&3

which it has been for close toa month workin fine.

Is mobo goin bad?

on 5-04 i cant even boot into winblows at stock 2.5-3-3-8 at 200 :(

so i really need 4-15 to work andf in dimms 1-2 it blows also

seems only good things that works for me was 4-15 in dimms 1-3 and now it wont even post

I did AG flash pull pwr pull batt etc etc waited 10 mins and still same thing :(

what happened

plz help me.

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yah i did ags whole proper dfi way to clear cmos

pull pwr clear cmos remove battery

wait 1 min atleast i waited 10

the whole 9 yards

and right now im in dimms 1-2 at 200mhz in 4-15 just got 1492 errors :(

wheres before i was in dimms 1-3 at 230 error free and prime stable for over 14 hrs

at 2760


4-15 dims 1-3 all i can use with my srtup for somne reason 5-04 isnt any good for me

i think maybe because of double sided bh-5 utt i have speed premiums

Any way i need some assistance i dont wanna have to rma the board but imsure it isnt my mem

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it would always boot on dimms 1-2 i need 1-3 for error free

right now im using tic tacs modded bios for 4.0vdd

if u have linky im willing to try anything

in 5-04 i can use any comkbo of dimms with tons of errors

i need 4-15 to be abler to use dimms 1-3

link me to bios ill try it

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ok heres update

now it can pass memtest with the old ch-5 at 200 no errors in 1-3 on bios 5-04 but now all hell breaks loose.

I Know its my mobo now because the video card is shot also, i tried to reinstall drivers for vid card and no go, i reformatted hd and then installed drivers also and still sais

This device cannot start (code 10)

wtf ever this means. It was all fine other day runnin upto 2800 at one time then i clocked it back to my 24/7 which was 1:1 230 2-2-2-5-10-12 at 2760

after this folding incident when i restarted pc and went to play americas army all was crappy, then error message came up and said something about 512 of memory and i have 2X512 so i opened it up and im like hmm.

Put dimm in other slot and booted up in 1-2 but wouldnt pass memtest at ever 183 :(

tried diff bios's and diff dimms and all is shot so my guess is it has top be bad mobo. I wish someone with a bit more knowledge would try to help me out with this. I have a mean machine and cant do anything with it besides type on forums :(

and barely at that because takes vid card lag to scroll down pages :(


EDIT: I clicked the troubleshoot button and it sais the video card is in pci card bus 1 WTFFF! how can this be?


Maybe this is my bios problem?

I have no idea how this can be besides a screwed mobo.

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