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Switching between SLI and single?

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I'm intent to set up a SLI rig with the SLI-DR, but have a noob question :shake:


I understand that switch to single GPU mode, I have to:

1/disable SLI in manual

2/ Reboot


But here is my question: do I HAVE TO remove the jumper, the bridge in order for "single GPU mode" to work? Or I can just leave the jumper, bridge & GPU intact?


In other words, can I switch between SLI/single by "disabling SLI in manual+reboot" without open the case & removing parts?


Thannks in advance for your time & help.



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I think all that happens if you have the jumpers moved is both slots operate @ pci-e 8X, you should be fine without changing them back as their is virtually no performece loss from running @ 8X as opposed to 16X.

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