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My RAM get better overclock result after the DFI nF4 bruned!!!?? Very

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Hi everyone, I just have a very strang story yesterday...


First of all: Athlon64 3200+(2.5MHz @ 1.56v), OCZ 3200VX Gold RAM 250MHz @ 3.4v @ 2-2-2-6, BIOS 512-2, Fan cooling RAM and MOSFET both...RAM at Slots 1 & 3 (Yellow slots), 350W Antect Fanless, Dual 12V (Must say this PSU very High Quality)


1. Yesterday, I run the nV Performance, select "Tunning for best RAM performance" when the process up to about 80%, the machine hung!


2. I turn off the machine by switch off the PSU.


3. Then I turn it on, wait for 5 seconds... the LCD doesn't show up anything, then I looked at the diag.LED, it stopped at "Testing Memory".


4. I press Restart button, the diag.LED still stop at the same stage, and I can smell something burning....I switch off the PSU very very quick...(sweatiness)


5. I try to turn the power on again..but still unsuccessed.


6. Unplug RAM at Slots 1, turn power on, unsuccessed, Unplug RAM at Slot 3, Boot unsuccessed.


7. Try each RAM module at Slot 1 and 2, boot successed, Try each RAM module at Slot 3 and 4, boot unsuccessed. So I thought the RAM slot 3 and 4 was damaged... because once any ram plug in to slots 3 or 4, the system can not start up.


(From now, I use one RAM module at Slot 2 and set all BIOS settings to default)


8. I start to prepare for returning the motherboard----Flash back the BIOS to official 3-10 version, because the 510-2 I am using is Beta BIOS, any damage occured with using beta version BIOS will not be cover by DFI warranty, so the retail will not replace for me if they found I am use 510-2. So...I am doing a bad thing... ( very bad, do NOT learn )


9. After flash process finished, restart system....GOD!! the system hung at the stage called detecting the Harddisk....I turn off for 1 mins, then turn on, still stop at the same stage. I press restart, and keep press "DEL" button on the keyboard... system doesn't let me entry the BIOS setting interface... still stop at the same stage...


10. I switch off the PSU, take the battery off from the motherboard, and set the "Clear BIOS" Jumper on for about 5 mins. Put battery back, set jumper back, turn power on...Strange, this time I can enter the BIOS setting interface and system can run Memtest86+


11. Then I try to Plug both RAM modules into Slot 2 and 4 (Orange Slots), it works!!! I swap both modules each other, and try again, still works.


Now it have been running for one day without any problem, passed memtest86+ and SuperPI and some games...


But the most interesting things is. my 3200VX RAM was not able to pass Memtest 86+ #5 at 236MHz (2-2-2-6) at 3.2v before... But now it able to pass it at the same settings at 3.1v!!! And the vDIMM value becomes higher and stable than before, now If I set vDIMM to 3.2v, it will show 3.19v or 3.20v, before I burned the motherboard, it was show 3.17v or 3.18v.


the END...Very happy...LOL

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Yes it does! Ntune ate my WD Caviar 120GB Hard Drive when I put my rig together a few weeks back. DFI should really take some of those NVidia programs off of the MOBO driver disk. They can be disastrous if you are not following one of the guides from this site.

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