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Ideal Temp on my rig

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what is the ideal temperature in my rig?


idle operation

CPU: 41c

Ambient: 38-39c


for memory and processor extensive programs, what is the ideal?


i using PIB AMD 64 3200+ HSF.

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Those temps are looking like Newcastle 2 me. The temps arent great but they arent bad, dont expect to OC much in stock, er agreed Idle around 30, load I would say under 50 for sure, but shoot for low 40's to be safe. And did u test various hours with Prime?

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Depends on the type of HSF you are using.


That is quite hot for an idle CPU. I take it you are using the stock HSF? You should shoot for 30C or below with idle and 40-50 load.


yup. it makes me bothered. i using only default configation of BIOS and Original HSF together the package.


what can u suggest? do i have to buy a thermal compound or third party HSF?


i never tested thought my system 'coz i lacking an a component (PSU)..no one sells here in the philippines some high-end PS.


i tried only HEC PowerOP 475w on my system for booting only. to see that all system work.

I didn't continue to built my system because im afraid to fry my mobo and other components :(


i tried to order in Monarch online..but i don't have Credit card..whew!!...it makes me paranoid about it..


what core is your 3200????

using ang default core.

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