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Official Response (Please) About BIOS Versions..

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I have seen so much conflicting info on these forums and I am quite new to all this, so I have been very confused recently. Now before I begin, I would like to say that I know that I should try each BIOS to see which one works best for me. However, DFI has, on numerous occasions, through actual DFI employees given designations of memory types to each of the beta BIOSes. If DFI is going to classify them, then I want to know their official classifications, just for information and sanity's sake. So, that said, let me post what I have seen so far on these forums:


In the "DFI NF4 BIOS Memory Guide" thread:


-1 3.26 dram table - tcc*

-2 3.16 dram table - ch/bh

-3 3.10 dram table - both/misc.


In the "SEE POST #24 FOR OLDTIMERS>> NF4 Bios 06/15" thread:


-1 very tight DRAM drive strengths and really only for tight timings memory like bh-5


-2 best for all types, BH-5, UTT, TCCD (nothing is good for Hynix though). -2 is still the most popular and the most compatible that we have found


-3 supposedly for TCCD but -3 doesn't do TCCD for me, -2 does and I always recommend -2 as it has fixed the most user issues with bios out of any of them.

Angry also commented that he was "sure" about these, which I believe. Seeing this, I flashed to the -2 BIOS


Finally, in the "The reply I got from [email protected] on the cold boot issue" thread:


This supposedly came from Taiwan/Oskar Wu.


So, I don't know who to believe and just want a straight answer. I know there has been a lot of frustration going on on this forum over the cold boot issue, etc., so I don't want to add to it. I expect this to be a friendly discussion with no anger or personal attacks. A_G and RGone run an excellent forum and do their jobs very well. All I desire here is an official answer to this. Please don't tell me to experiement, because if that is the answer, DFI should never have labeled them in the first place. They should have just said try these and find the best one. I would like to know what exactly the BIOS designers intended when they wrote each of these versions. No anger or hurt feelings, just an easy answer to a confused newbie.


Thanks...let's keep this clean...

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I suggest you stay with the latest official bios as it has no dashes to it and when the new official bios comes it will not have dashes in it to confuse you either. So leave the beta bioses alone until an official comes. That is your best bet all around and will have no confusing issues to concern you at all. That is especially a good way to do by staying with official if you do not live in the USA or Canada and would deal with rma thru other regions than one AG and I are responsible to and for. Thank you.



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I agree, and I did not mess around with beta BIOSes until just now when I saw that 6/15 was pulled and that 6/18 provided a fix for the USB keyboard issues I was having. But thank you for the advice...I also know lots of other people are looking for answers to this question, however.

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