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Hey all, this is my first time getting a DFI board, ive read so much about them, just want to verify my components before i throw down the money to buy it all, wouldnt want to get it and not have it work. he he he. thanks let me know what you think.





Mobo: DFI


Ram: 2 gig


Gcard: 6800 GT


Scard: audigy


Case: cooler master


Heatsink/fan ( arctic silver 5 of course ;) ): thermalright and fan


Hard drive: local dealer 120 gig 7200 rpm


PSU: Blue storm



Thanks all

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assuming you know not to accidently get the wrong socket mobo... I looks pretty good. although I have always used onboard sound and I have never had a prob. unless you have a mega sound system, I wouldn't get the sound card.


also, you might want to put more spec up ther. ther are a bunch a A64SD's out ther, a boat load of DFI boards, many different brands of 6800GT's... you get the idea.

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new egg has the Fortron Blue Storm 500W over priced ($72 is about right) at $91!


If ordering from new egg get the Antec True Power II 480W for $79 or 550W for $89.

These are better & more powerful & a MUCH better bargan.


More +12V amperage, 3% load regulation & a 3yr warranty. :nod:

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you listed the thermalright xp120 i think all you need is the thermalright xp 90. but im assuming the xp120 fits on the board without problems.


Yeah I think the Ultra's the same (roughly) layout as the SLi-D that I have and mine is fine. The XP-120 is great and cools the RAM down a treat. Its big....but you can still install most normal sized RAM (some Corsair stuff has clearence issues with both XP-120 and XP-90). I like the XP-120 as it has room for a nice huuuuge 120mm Pana (in my case) or Delta, or papst :)

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