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Help. 875P-T rebooting.

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I just recieved a 875P-T and it is setup on the bench.


Specs: Intel 630 EMT64

2-512 Geil UltraX PC4400

OCZ 450W modstream

9800 AIW


The system will post do the memtest and say HT enabled processer then it automaticly reboots. Just as if when the Reset buttom is pressed.


If I try to hit the (Del) key to enter the bios it reboots immediately. Actually hitting any key on the keyboard during the memtest results in a reboot.


If i just let the system do its thing it just repeadlty reboots after the memtest and processer clocl detection.


The post screen is showing the correct proc and speed and the correct memory amount.


I have tried a 9800 pro and a MX4000 pci card. along with a different keyboard and mouse.

I have 4 sticks of the Geil and no other memory. The Geil has worked in all the other systems I have built.


I am thinking it is a bios thing with the New Proc. I am going to take it into the Local computer shop and see if I can use a 500 series proc to see if it keeps rebooting. If it acts normal I'll just do a flash.


What do you think?

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Note: This is my vary first P4 Intel based system I have built. I have Been a Loyal AMD guy. I guess the AMD god might be frowning on me??

you gotta update to the latest bios to get the EMT64 running on the board otherwise it will keep rebooting.

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I picked it up at sidewindercomputer.com


I read this review and thought I would give it a try.Review


I ran prime for 8 hours and the temp never went above 43C.Case temp 33C Fan speed 2900RPM. I have a Thermal probe taped to the recessed portion of the CPU.


The IT H/W doctor program is only about 1C different than the Probe. That is a nice change.


There is just enough room for the fan to sit between the Memory. it is perfect.



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Yes I just added the fan,The fan is a sunon 40MM 3 pin. I get them locally. You can find them around on the Web. there like 4-10.00 bucks depending on where you get them.


I use 3M doublesided foam sticky tape it is a Automotive grade and works well. Never had one fall off.

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thinking about getting one of these for my 630... so i can make use of some of my older components lying around...

only have 6xx processors... can the bios be updated with the use of a 5xx processor? or will i need to get it flashed for me?

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