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Guest Iceman_merged

Voltage question!

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Guest Iceman

I have a DFI UT SLI-DR, 3200 venice, ocz pc 4000 vx.


I have two questions:


1; Does it make a difference if i have my Vid startup value at startup or 1.500v or 1.550v what does this do if i set it differente value?

And does it make a difference, let's say if i wanna get up to 1.6v if i go 1.275v+126%=1.606 or i go1.425+113%=1.610 if i achive the final value, does it matter how? Like low voltage but high % or High voltage but low % ?



2; I have tested my cpu and memory top speed my mem can go 255 easlily and my cpu can do 2550mhz alone but when i bring the together they fail! why?

Should i start my cpu low and just burn it in with prime and cpu burn it? what can i do ? can anyone give me any suggestion?



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1a) Set it to 1.5. If it doesn't POST, set it to 1.55.

1b) Different processors seem to react differently. Some people have said that Winnies like the low control and high special, but mine will only run this speed (in sig) if I get to 1.6V using 1.45x1.1. Try both.


2) Memory controller. You're pushing everything harder, so there's no guarantee that it'll work with everything topped off. You could try increasing VCore a bit, but people rarely get max mem and max CPU o/c at the same time.

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