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Ocing my 3700+..

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Hello to whomever may stumble across my post. I got my pc together and running a week ago, and have started to dabble in OCing it. Before I bought everything, I tried to do my homework as to which cpu/ram/mobo to buy. I came to the conclusion that a 3700+/lanparty ultra-d/ocz platinum pc4800 would be the way to go, possibly giving myself more than enough room to overclock to my heart's content, except at this moment it's not very content. Right now I am running at 270 x 10, and I am prime stable for a little over 10 hours, memtest good for 24+ hours. At this point, I'de liek to be able to reach 2.8ghz, possibly 2.85 if it is safe with my setup. The ram I bought is capable of running at 300mhz, but I can never successfully boot with the ram set at that frequency, which is a bit upsetting/concerning. Stock timings for the ram are 2.5-4-4-10, which is what it is running at. i am not a stickler for ahving to ahve the lowest possible timings in the world. I do not know where I am running into problems with the Ocing. :confused:


i dont know which version bios im running, but the date is 3/10/2005.

Ram voltage is 3

Cpu voltage is 1.4

All other voltages are stock

All ram timings are corrently configured at stock (auto)


Is there anything that I can/shoud to take better advantage at the potential power the pc has.





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