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Why wont the platform drivers from Nvidias website work for me?

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Im tryin to update to all the newest drivers for pmy pc and when i go to nvidias website and dl 5.10 i double click it and all, it goes thru a few things then disapears. Its the wierdest thing ive ever seen. I have even went ahead and downloaded another one from diff srvr to see if maybe corrupted file and still same thing. I have no idea what to do now, eventhough i went to winblows update and got all their stuff i wanna try diff drivers to try to break the 30k mars at 2760 stock on x800xt. And i think these drivers are holding me back maybe, anythings worth a shot. Also in order to play americas army on a a64 pc i had to go into the boot ini and change a file and now it works, problem is now it asks me everytime which operating system i wanna boot to, how i fix this?

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