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Corsair XMS DDR400 Unable to Dual Channel

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I have a pair of twinx Corsair XMS 512 400mhz sticks, and similar to many people of other posts, I cannot dual channel without problems, I could not install windows at first, so I switched to single channel. I know that I will need to either up the voltage on the bios or update the bios. Unfortunately, I do not know how to flash a bios, and I am not sure which bios to use. Help anyone? The timing on my ram is 2-2-2-5. Also, can I use a cd to flash rather than a floppy disk?

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Thanks for the reply, I am actually unsure browsing that list to match my ram. The sticker on my own reads CMX512-3200XLPT and then says XMS3208v1.2, so I guess that could be the 3200XL and it would be version 1.2.

For the rest of my computer:

AMD 3800+ Venice Core

DFI Lanparty NF4-SLI-DR

(Unsure thus far)2 Sticks of 512 Corsair 3200XL v1.2

XFX 6800GT

Thermaltake Pure Power PS 560w

250gig Western Digitial 7200rpm HD


I'll put this all in my sig later.

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