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Memtest won't pass test #8

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Hi guys


I know this has probably been answered elsewhere in the forums, but I can't find an exact soluiton for my system.


System as shown in sig. All bios settings default except memory timings of 2,2,2,5 and Dram V 2.7.


Memtest ran 1st with Dram V at 2.6 (default) got 50000 errors in one pass of test #8. All other tests pass.


Upped Dram V to 2.7v ran memtest got 2000 errors. Getting better at least.


System seems stable in windows, not really BSOD since i flashed Bios to 310.


If 1 run memtest with either Dimm in Slot 2 on its own, the test passes fine. Should i RMA the memory, or will I be able to stabilise this board.


Any help would be appreciated as i'm new to Bios modifications. Normally just run stock everything.


Built the rig below so I could get into OC, as all components supposed to be good for OC. Seems a bit daft that it wont pass when not OC.



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generally for my XL, symtoms differ from bios to bios...


memtest #8 errors because vdimm not sufficient...

memtest #8 errors because vdimm too much...=> heat causing errors


not contradicting as it depends on which bios version u used...


not in XLPT anymore so can't show u a a64 tweak shot...


dram drive strength 7...data drive strength 2..then play w vdimm from there..


u should be able to get to #8 stable w no errors atleast 5 pass before check for stability in windows..


or its best that u show a A64 tweaker shot for help...bios default differs from some version so difficult to remember...

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Thanks guys I'll have a look at those things.


I will install A64 Tweaker and post a pic.


I'll check the Bios Genie to make sure my timings are correct. Bit confused though cos on Overclockers the timings were advertised as 2 2 2 5, but now they say 2 2 5 2.


I need to figure out which ones are which.

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Can someone link us to Memtest's test information, like what test# is for what components/parts in the PC, that's what I'm interested in it. I'm having the same issue when my system is running at 250, Memtest has many errors at Test#8 as well and I'm running my VDimm at 3.4 (tried 3V-3.3, too, with worse result).

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Thanks guys :nod:


Dram drive strength = 7

Data drive strength = 2

Vdimm = 2.7


memtest #8 passed. Only tried two passes on test #8 to get a quick check. Will run whole set later for longer to see if it stands up.


Then for the OC. Just need to find how to OC my gfx card, my ram and my mobo. :confused:


Should be fun if nothing else.

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