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Digital Photography

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These are just a few random pics. The pic of "Leo", my cat, is there because he died from a heart attack last month. As he spent most of his life trying to get inside my rigs, i thought i'd put him on the net, so he can keep an eye on me :)













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well the forum is here for more than just DFI support ya know ;)


it IS DIY after all...we could always use a great guide from an expert on how to get great pictures out of our cameras, and/or how to use Photoshop or such to sharpen them up, whatever the stuff you do to yours to make them look awesome ;)


An expert, I’m not. I just get lucky once in a while. Sometimes it’s due to skill, and sometimes it’s luck. I would suck at tutorials or guides, but there is a ton of good stuff in the photo forums. I learn a lot in those forums. My photos suck in comparison to most of the photo forums I hang out in. There is a ton of good Photoshop tutorials out there. There are are some very good tutorials on Photoshop here. I don’t do a lot to my photos. First thing I do is make sure the horizon is level. Nothing like an ocean that slopes heavily to the left or right of a photo to make the photo look off. Same thing with the roof line or windows in a building. I normally only do a few minor adjustments, such as cropping, levels, saturation, and sharpening. It’s very easy to over sharpen, and degrade the photo. One thing I’ve learned is that if you can get the exposure right in the camera, you don’t need to fuss with it much in Photoshop to get it to pop.

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p.s. i've been perusing this thread and have seen several of the photos you have taken. they are truly outstanding. thank you for posting them.


Thank you. Glad you enjoy the photos. You have PM.

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well, i got some more pics fo yall!


blue glowstick cross:



sunset on the way home from albany, ga:



sunset at the lake:






now these are awesome, i made myself a special lens of sorts that basically turns my camera into a microscope...

here are some pics i shot so far:


a digital camera image sensor, if you look at full size (click image) you can see the individual pixel cells:



and here is a macro of the image sensor to show the whole thing:



here is a eeprom chip die:



and finally, here is a dieshot of a old 486SX, and a little easter egg i found!



some of those are blurry, but at that magnification its impossible to keep the camera still... i would prop my hands up and the pulse running through the veins in my fingers was making the dang camera shake... not to mention a camera like mine wasnt intended to be used like this :.

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I thought this one was pretty good considering I took I took it through aquarium glass at the Seattle Aquarium during my son's recent visit.


Low light conditions, too.



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quick bump as I add a few pics I just took...not often you get to catch one of these "wolf" spiders catch a bug right in front of you (and it's sorta creepy how he is just stuck to our sliding glass window with a bug hanging off his fangs yeah?)


sun is on the other side of the house and my camera flash won't even flash manually so this is a set of sorta shadowy pics =(



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