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3DMark05 scores....post yours!!

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all graphics settings default except slight overclock on core from 490 to 500mhz and these tests were run before I installed meh Creative X-Fi Fatal1ty.


3dMark 2001se - 31388:



3dMark 2003 - 19069:



3dMark 2005 v1.2 - 9025!:




all major sandra tests + CPU-Z + Super-Pi:



screenie showing stability + CPU-Z (Prime95 torture test on both cores for 58hours! ) + Temps + Memory:



reason its not in the Overclocking database is due to I didnt realise we had to run 3dmark2001se first then Prime95 - I'm sure 58hours is enough proof of stability so I can't be bothered retesting - not enough time for gaming these days :(

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wow, i didnt realize that Infineon makes the 7800 GT memory vs the Samsung on the GTX. I guess i got some good Infineon on mine being able to go a hair past 1250. Too bad my core sux though, and maxes out at around 489 or so. Im really looking forward to using eVGA's stepup to go to a GTX 512 though.

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Just switched cpu and got a new high score.....

This is done with imagequality set to high in NV control panel, pretty sure I would get over 13000 if I set it lower. I just forgot about it :)


12996 :D



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Guest Tainted

3Dmark05 score : 8263


On my setup below. If I knew how to enter the screen pic I would! :(

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