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XP x64 Installs

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Does the version of Symantec A/V that you run, install all of the liveupdate/liveadvisor crap? I stopped using NAV long ago as it took up too much resources. :) Maybe its time for me to look into something else. Mind you Avast is completely free.


After installing just the AV stuff, the only thing that shows up in my remove programs list is Symantec Antivirus and Live Update. I don't mind though because the Live Update works quite well and I have plenty of system resources to begin with.

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Antec NeoPower 480...this PSU has a lot of issues with this board. Have you got your rig up and running already?


And what makes you think that I have that psu and have NO issues at all.

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Antec NeoPower 480...this PSU has a lot of issues with this board. Have you got your rig up and running already?

My first NeoPower 480 went bye-bye and burned up. It filled the house with ozone fumes and made me sick. Nasty! The news there is that it was on a different motherboard (P4G8X w/Northwood). I traced the issue to a CD/RW drive that went bananas. It was drawing a crazy amount of wattage and the damn thing just kept rebooting my system for like an hour- it wouldn't shut down. I took the 480 back and got another one. This one worked fine and is powering my Ultra-D now without any problems. It is quiet and cool with no fluctuation on voltage. The dual rails are nice to have IMO. It is really a nice PSU.

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Most games have been seen to run at much lower frame rates in XP64. There won't be any advantage there until games made to take advantage of it.




I have just installed XP64. I've got it dual booted with XP Pro. From what I've heard, if this is what you want to do, install Pro first, then 64... Only problem I had, was getting my memory to run dual channel. I had to drop to a 2T command rate. So I keep that hotkeyed in one of the CMOS banks.


XP64 isn't quite as new as everyone thinks. It's built on Windows Server 2003 so its nto like they started from scratch. Don't expect a whole lot of support for regular desktop stuff though. I'm only running it so I can run the Lightwave 64 beta.


After consideration, that is what I did as well. I like it - in theory. I just want to make sure my favorite programs continue to run. I am not having any issues yet. I don't have any weird hardware to support, so it is just fine.


I am having a separate issue with my memory not liking ANY additional volts in the bios I am using now (510-2 Hellfire). Strange. I am going to switch slots and see what that turns up.

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I installed XP 64 bit yesterday and I was happily surprised by the programs compatibility :


Compatible applications :


A64 Tweaker

Adobe Reader 7

Office 2000

Crazy Browser 2.0 beta

Everest 2.0

Sisoft Sandra

CPUz 1.29

Thg Clock


MaSai Editor

Nero 6.6.013

TweakUI 64



Windows Media Encoder 9


Half Life 2

IL2 Forgotten Battles, AEP and Pacific Fighters

Doom 3 (after doom3.msi file correction)

Prince of Persia (movies encounter sound problems and brief interrupts of images)

Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow

CPU Bench 2003

CPU Mark 2

CPU Mak 99



Rightmark CPU


Prime 95



HD Tack 3

3D Mark 05, 03, 2001

D3D RightMark1050

bench Half Life 2

Camedia (Olympus camera utility)


Quick Time

Saitek X52 joystick



Incompatible applications (9 june 2005) :


Diskeeper Professional 9.0

Riva Tuner

NV Tweak

Winfox (Leadtek utility)

ITE Smart Guardian

drivers : Xerox printer, Canon scanner, TrackIR 3 Pro, Mach II GT

RightMark Memory Analyzer

Aquamark 3

Tweak XP Pro

Lock On 1.1 (Flaming Cliffs)

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

The 2 last games don't work because of nForce security.


Even if the compatibility is rather good, I don't advise to migrate to x64 today : no gain can be notîced (same performance on 3D Mark, same boot time) and hardly no drivers exist for hardware.


If you are in a hurry, you can set a dual boot with Windows XP 32 and 64 bit.

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I have xp x64 and it's great there are programs that dosen't run for me like daemon tool.

See this link http://www.3dvelocity.com/articles/win64co...n64softlist.htm

It's usefull some programs are there a lot are in the list, and didin't know that the base of the x64 is windows 2003 very nice, i always like the windows 2000, haven't test the 2003 i supposed it's a good windows. And yeah i sense the x64 bit more stable, i sense it more solid maybe not a lot but you can feel it like the force:P


And for the drivers both nvidia and ati have 64 bit drivers, the radeon, geforce, nforce and the audigy drivers 64 bit are out to, ati have official 64 bit driver the other are in beta.

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All im waiting for is for HP to release some bloody drivers for my HP1350 all in one printer and I will be using x64 only... Everything I have tried as worked (except for Defraggers and Antivirus.... I have Symantec AV x64 that works like a champ... I'll wait for Diskeeper to be released)Everything just seems to run smoother in x64..


One example... Dungeon Lords... the title menu in XP32bit chugs on the portcullis animation, in X64 it flies.... Shame the actual game is no quicker tho :P


HP are . tho, they will only give me "later in the year" for a release date. No beta's for now or nothing.... buggers

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Just fyi - I cannot get my 2x evga 6800GT to work in SLI with x64. EVGA tech support said it was a known issue and they are working on it. I am not sure that the tech knows what he is talking about but it is still a major bummer cause I cannot get it to work.

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winrar works perfectly...it just doesnt integrate into the shell properly



I use an advance of Norton Anti-Virus x64 and it is working pretty damn good (i guess...test machines rarely see much public network traffic)


If you downloaded that WinRAR from planetamd64, it doesn't have the right shell integration. But if you download the latest beta from the rarlab site, it WILL integrate correctly I promise!

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