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nF4 : pc case front panel audio connectors?

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Hi guys -


I'm using the onboard sound with my 5.1 speaker setup, no problems.


My dilemma is that I want to connect the front panel headphone and mic, but there is a difference in connectors.


According to my mobo manual I have :


1 Mic left

2 Ground

3 Mic Right

4 Vcc

5 Line out right

6 Line out right front

7 NC

8 NC

9 Line out left

10 Line out left front


My case connectors :



Mic in

Mic power

Left out (another left out running off this)

Right out (another right out running off this)



So, obviously Ground to ground

the left and right line outs no probs, but...


Which are the corresponding mobo connections for mic_in and mic_power?



Thanks for your help.


The Universe will reward you with many Karma points for helping me, hehe

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how about 1 and 3 to run the mike?


Fair enough, but I can't test it, as I haven't been able to get them to run on the rear audio connectors, and am trying to hook up skype.


I followed the skype install config directions for skype and Windows, but can't hear a thing when running the skype test call.


I've run through the darned Skype troubleshooter backwards and forwards until my brain has gone cross-eyed.


I connect my headphones to the speaker jacks, which runs fine in 5.1 speaker-mode, but no sound when I hit it in stereo headphones (in Windows).


Got tired trying that way, so decided to finally connect my front panel audio up, and try to sort it that way, so.....


It's not gonna damage the mobo if I hook the mic_power to mic_left, and the mic_in to mic_right???

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are you using the nvidia audio mixer to change between 5.1 and headphones? and no you will not hurt your motherboard by reversing microphone connections


Yes, the nVidia driver is my default now.


My confusion is that the mobo says left and right, whereas the case says power and input


Thanks for taking the time bro'

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There have been literally dozens of threads about this in the last couple of months, and I still haven't gotten my microphone to work on either the back panel or the front. Try a search, though, on all forums including off-topic. I'm pretty sure you'll find the answer, unless, like me, you're cursed!

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I went ahead and connected the front-panel mic/head phone connectors, as we just discussed, and went into skype and it's working fine.


My sense of logic has been affirmed again :nod:


The rear speaker connectors wouldn't allow me to use the headphone and mic.


I followed Skype's online help to configure my Windows audio, and it's a working, nice :nod:


Now I just need a friend to talk too, LOL

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Can you summarize how exactly you made the case audio to board audio connections? The labels don't match up with my case too, and it's a little baffling.


Also, I know there's been endless discussion of the Realtek audio drivers vs. the nVidia audio drivers. What's working better for you?




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1 Mic left (Mic in)

2 Ground (Ground)

3 Mic Right (Mic power)

4 Vcc (none)

5 Line out right (right out )

6 Line out right front (right out)

7 NC (none)

8 NC (none)

9 Line out left (left out)

10 Line out left front (left out)



In brackets are my case connectors.


I only tried using the "nVidia® nforce audio" driver.


If you are using Skype, it will guide you in the setup, and then if this doesn't work, do the online troubleshooter, and it will get you there.


If you don't intend to use Skype, why not install it, follow it's instructions, get setup (do the test Skype phonecall) and then uninstall it once you have it working?


At least you'll be up and running.


If you get stuck, I now feel confident in the things you need to enable, and disable, in audio connections, that I can help you.


Good luck :D

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You have the same setup I had in that your bracket is set op for a mono mic but the dfi board can do stereo on the mic. My mic works fine in mono, if I could sing I might worry about stereo.

I had to go back to the realtec drivers because I had problems with desert combat and teamspeak with the nvidia drivers.

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Vegetarianator -

What kind of case are you using?

Sounds like we've got identical bad wiring labels (I think I ended up with the same wiring configuration you listed from above).

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