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Best TCCD available right now?

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samsung have not stoped production of TCCD, they just don't supply it to the smaller companys anymore. you can by TCCDs in the form of Corsair XMS4400C25 and Corsair XMS3200XL v1.2 ^


LINK http://www.houseofhelp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=39173


As I said before all XMS4400C25 and XMS3200XL modules use Samsung TCCD IC's. Corsair uses TCC5 RAMs only on other speed grades, such as the XMS3200C2 and XMS4000. Note that Samsung did not stop producing TCCD IC's, they just stopped shipping them to non direct suppliers. Or in other words we still get a large quantity every month and will do so for some time to come.

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OCZ Clears Up the TCC5 Confusion




..."There is absolutely zero difference between tested TCC5 and tested TCCD,” says Eric Nelson, OCZ Product Development Director. “...


Well, there you have it, thank God for unbiased info :nod:


From my understanding and relatively speaking:


TCC5 Rev E = bad

TCC5 Rev F = good

TCCD = good


I am sure the truth will be sorted out over the next few months when comparative testing is performed........


m :)

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