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Need a PSU for under$100

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I am building a system very similar to yours (identical with the exception of the RAM), and after doing A LOT of studying up, I really do think you should fork out the extra 30 bucks and go with the OCZ Powerstream.


Every forum I have seen, people that have one swear by it.


The deciding factor for me in making the 85$ Enermax vs. 129$ OCZ was someone telling me that for one of the most underestimated parts of a computer, the PSU can do the most harm if not of high quality. It certainly makes a difference in benchmarking and overclocking.


I'm going with the OCZ PSU, personally.


Why didnt I listen back then :sad: ? WHY?!?!?! My Fortron has crapped out, and now I have to go buy another PSU (OCZ here i come)

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