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Thermal Pics of the DFI NF4 Board

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Posted by Wingz in xtremesystems.org


this is website has taken some pics of the board using a thermal camera, so if your thinking where to attach a extra fan or heastink to the board then here's your answer




First we look at the video card area, with several hot spots and one major area of concern. In the lower left hand corner we see a large chip labeled A. This chip is at a blazing hot temperature of 92.9C!! This is the 128 pin ITE super I/O controller (chip number 8712F-A) and is used by ITE Smart Guardian to monitor voltages, component temperatures and fan speeds. Also notice the hot spot just to the left of this chip; this is merely a reflection of the infrared light being emitted from this chip.


My questions, is it a normal temp for that chip? what overclocking gain or/and temps monitoring precision would we get if we're putting a fan on that area?


One of my 6800 ultra air intake is right there, sucking that hot air :confused: can't be good.



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