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Praise but question

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I just want to say I'm overly amazed at how great the NForce Ultra-D is. First time builder and it went amazingly well I must say. However I've ran into a snag. I'll give you my specs (seems thing to do, i've read some posts before posting hehe) then I'll let ya know my problem.


DFI NForce4 Ultra-D

AMD64 3000+ winchester

OCz Premier (2x)512mb pc3200 ddr400

485w Enermax Noisetaker

Asus 6600GT PCI-E

Audigy2 ZS

xp-90/panaflo heatsink/fan

thermaltake soprano

Sony 52x cd-rw

Sony 16x DVD-RW dual layer

40gb WD ltd edition

80gb Maxtor


Now the only problem I'm experiencing is that my sound has a loud hiss to it and is extreemly faint in the background. Is there something I've done wrong, I know this doesnt exactly deal with dfi in general but I saw quite a few of you with similiar setups, was hoping maybe somebody knew the answer to my lameness. Thanks in advance.

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