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HDD corruption raid 0 and nF4!!

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Well it seems every time I manage to get an os installed and run raid 0 of the nvidia controller and install the nforce drivers it only takes a short time before I get massive data corruption and the sys reboots and then won't load windows again. The os has become fubared and I can't even install windows again because my hdd's are messed up.


I have to pull components off the mobo and clear cmos and start all over again only to have the same thing happen again!!!!


I'm not the only person having this happen with WD 74gig Raptors and nf4!!!


I would have thought that after nf2 and raid corruption issues that nvidia would have had it sorted by now....seems not :mad:


WOnder if it has something to do with NCQ / TCQ??


Here is a link to the article: http://www.amdgamer.com/read.php?rid=136&type=1



Anyone else having these problems.???

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