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OCZ PC3200 Gold bh5+dual chanel problem

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I just have my brand new 2x512 OCZ Pc3200 gold (new bh5) kit...

And somthing strange happens...


The stock settings 200 2/2/2/5/7 works perfectly @2.8/2.7v

But when i wan't to raise 220 2/2/2/6/7 i've errors at test 2 or 3 and 5....

Even @3.2v :(


Memory on slots 2/4 or 1/3 (414.3 bios) the same things happens...


The thing that I don't understand that when i test one stick at once both stick do 220 2/2/2/6/7 @2.9v whitout errors on 1 pass of memtest :confused:


The stock settings are the settings give by Ryder from OCZ and the oc settings are a mix of settings bring at xtremesytems forums (especially Eva2000 settings...)


I which someone have a tips for me the only thing i wan't it's to run cpu @280x9 (I don't go very far with more voltage only 5 or 10+ fsb for 1.67v) with 5/6 mem divider wich do 230mhz 2/2/2/6/7 i tested it also with one stick at once and 3.2v, it works in memtest :sad:


Edit: I try with interleave disabled it's not helping i still have some errors

And excuse for the bad section :O

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I am convinced that there is some serious problems with the DFI NF4 and OCZ Gold VX. In Fact, I have yet to find anyone that has a decent OC with this combination. Of course I have been on this board all of 5 minutes so I could be worng. But the four people I know who have nearly the same set-up as me are all having serious problems.

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