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!logisoft-optiball Frankenmouse Mod

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Howdy folk's. Thought I would share one of my mod's I have done. Hope you all like it and if nothen else, smile about it. It's at least interesting maybe :P




Check er out HERE for other images and other mod's worth viewing from a vmod on a 9700pro, shim removal of a 9700pro, AMD heatsink installation on a 9700pro, a robot built from spare parts, a 17th centry computer and a few other things worth viewen. I get NO endorsments or payment if you visit my site or not. I have NO banners or ads of any kind. My site is strickly informational only. Thanks and I realy hope you enjoy your stay.



Barton xp2500+ ([email protected]) 200fsb x12

NF7-S v2.0

GeiL pc3500 Cas2 512meg

ATI 8500 - till I get a new card :P

--KILT -(PowerColor 9700PRO w/vmod (1.87volts) ( www.jjman.org for pix)--

SLK900 w/vantec 92mm tornado 119cfm HSF




"Clock Till It Dies!"



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