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DFI NF4 BIOS Memory Guide

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I'm not 100% sure if this is the right topic, but I have a question. I have this mobo, and I used to run on 1GB of memory (2x512, OCZ extreme series, 2-2-2-5). I just decided to buy another GB (2x512) of patriot ram(2-3-2-5). I set Command Rate to 2T, and increased the voltage to 2.8V(thats OCZ voltage, patriot runs at 2.6V). Now when i go to Control Pannel -> System it tells me that I have 1GB of ram. When I open everest it still tells me that i have 1GB, but it shows 4 sticks of 512. It's kind of weird, is it because some AMDs aren't really compatible with 4x512 setup or is it something else?

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Very nice thread here..:)


I have a AMD 64 3000+ Venice (can do 2700Mhz) + DFI NF4 ultra Ifninity + 2x512 >> Corsair TWINX1024-4000PT XMS4000(1024MB) latente: 3-4-4-8 (at 250Mhz) (2x184 DIMM --Platinum)


Can someone explain these bios settings (what are these, didn't find on first page!?):


DDR output dirving---(auto, normal,weak) >>what is this & which settings ar

good for OC

DDR DQ drive strength-- (Auto, not reduced, 15% reduction, 30% reduct.,

50% reduction ) >>what this means, which si Good?


Bottom of 32bit [31:24] IO ---- (0000-> 00E0) >>what is this & good

settings for OC


Burst length ---(2beats, 4beats, 8beats) >>what is this & good settings for



S/W memory hole remapping --- (enable, disable) >> the same...??

H/W memory hole remapping --- (enable, disable) >> the same...??


MTRR mapping mode (continous,discrete) >>explain !


On my bios I don't have DQS Skew (nothing on this in my bios ?!!?)


Please see the screen from A64 info tool, are the settings good? For 250Mhz OC what can you tell me ..because the 225Mhz is the limit :confused: in stability for me ...how can i get the 250Mhz from these Corsairs :mad: ??


Is the memory not that good ?!? Info on sticker:


CMX 512-4000PT XMS 4000 v2.1


XMS 4000 512MB 500MHz


I think they have HYNIX, Die Rev C chips ? Can someone give me some Hynix OC guides ??


Thx !!

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