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My Ultra-D thinks it is in Antarctica

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Rgone spoke of some CD-rom/DVD-rom drives that were not compatible or had problems with the NF4. My Sony is a combo DVD/CD-RW drive set as Primary master IDE. I also have the 2 second delay set for the SATA HD. I told Newegg to flash the newest bios before they shipped my mobo, but it looks like they didnt :mad: . Maybe actually having the 3/10 bios would help with my -117 degrees Celsius CPU core and DVD/CD-RW compatibillity issues ;) . I even payed $7.00 more for the 3/10 flash because I didnt want a floppy drive. Lets just hope my old floppy drive doesn't catch the "I dont know how to boot disease" from my CD-RW and will actually boot the bios flash....................

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