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What memory are you using on your NF4? -NF4 Users ONLY!!!!-


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  1. 1.

    • OCZ - VX series performance memory
    • OCZ - VX "VALUE" series memory
    • OCZ - EL series performance memory
    • OCZ - all other OCZ memory (please list in a post)
    • Buffalo Technology - all Buffalo Tech memories
    • Gskill - Gskill's LE/LA etc series memory
    • PQI - PQI's Performance memory
    • Corsair - XMS series performance memory
    • Corsair - PRO series performance memory (LED's)
    • Corsair - "VALUE" series memory
    • Mushkin - Performance series memory
    • Mushkin - "VALUE" series memory
    • TwinMOS - Speed Premium series and other TwinMOS memory
    • Ballistix - all Ballistix memories (Crucial)
    • Adata - all Adata memories
    • GEIL - all GEIL memories (Ultra-X, Platinum, etc)
    • Kingston - HyperX and any other Kingston Performance memory
    • PDP/Patriot - all PDP/Patriot Sytems memories
    • "VALUE" - any memory you have that is "VALUE" branded not listed here
    • Other - any memory you have that is not listed (list in post!)

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I have tried one set of TwinX1024 3200XLPT which wouldn't work at T1 settings and 2 lots of 4400C25 which wouldn't work at t1 ---- all worked at t2.


My third set of 4400C25 did work - just needed 2.9v.


As such I've voted for it .... but it must be recognised that in general, Corsair is NOT a safe choice .... as appears to be the case with many others. I'm glad someone has finally made such a poll sticky. I tried months ago.

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Other- Mushkin blue line that ended up being old school BH-5. Previously had Crucial 3200.



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I think I paid around $250 for 2x256 Mushkin PC3500 Black Level II BH-5 and around the same for 2x256 Mushkin PC3200 Black Level II BH-5. It was over $300 for 2x512 Mushkin Special 2-2-2 PC3200 BH-6.


Prices were very high at the time, but you know I have never regretted it. Dang stuff is just awesome, never had an issue - NEVER



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Geil Value. My Winbond UTT CH-5 Twinmos Speed Premium won't work in this board but runs fine in a s754 nForce3 board for several weeks w/ no prbs. Plus, I had several restarts before booting windows after flashing to the 3/16 bios. I had one after a flash to the 2/10, re-flashed and so far so good, will do a real good flash of the 3/16 (It was undervolting my processor by .2 volts and wouldn't let me change it). I think I need some more case fans, nm at 51 dgrees C, doing SLI mod and AS 5 this weekend.



Strange...I'm running fine with my UTT's. Try looking at xtremesystems under bandwidth for Andy OCZ's (he's also posted in this thread) DFI NF4 post. There are some settings that have to be changed from the Newcastle/Clawhammer to the Winchester. I've found that Tref and drive strengths are THE biggest problem for me.

He posted settings for the PC4000 VX @ 3.3v that work perfect for my Winny and TwinMOS.

Since we are sort of off topic, shoot me a PM if you can't find the post and I can send you the settings.

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this poll wasn't for me :D


" (...) with success (...)"


unfortunately, my ballistix isn't a "succes story" with my sli-dr....


memtest errors from cas2 to cas3 (tried desperately all settings that were posted here)

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512 (2x256MB) PQI Turbo PC3200 Dual Channel Kit (PQI3200-512DPU)


edit: 1:1 @ 267x9 (most stable fsb with this 0505)


edit: 2.5-3-3-6 1T :D

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2 x 512Mb OCZ PC3200 Rev.2 currently at 305HTT 2.5-4-3-7 1t but still in the process of OCing so will post back later when I get another stable result :)

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