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DFI Recommended Power Supplies (UPDATED October 20th, 2006!)

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Now im looking at the highly recommended OCZ520 powerstream. A bit more than I was hoping to spend, but sounds like a solid choice. Anyone know of any sub $120 deals on these? TIA.

I know it's only your second post, but I'd be able to help you better if you had your location set. Do you live in America?


By the way, $120 is average for a good PSU. The PC P&C's are like $500+. Anything less than a hundred and you steer dangerously close to buying what we like to refer to around here with a useful 4-letter word. ;)

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will that psu run


overclocked opty 165 (quad core in the future)

ultra d

sli 7900gtx (7900gt right now, but something like that in the future)

2x 74 gig raptor

dvd+- RW

4x led fans


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I'm getting a new pc soon and i would highly appreciate if someone could help me pick. I'm considdering these two PSU's: Enermax EG701AX-VE (G) SFMA 600 Watt Powersupply and this one: Tagan TG-580-U15 580 watt. The second one isn't in the recommendation list. Any other suggestions would be appreciated aswel. Thnx

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should i go with the ocz powerstream 520, antec 550 true power, or enermax 535w version 2.0 (old version) forf my rig. i want to have enough power for quad core in the future also.


oc opty 165

dfi ultra d

2x 7900gtx

2x 74 gig raptor

boat load of fans + leds


What do you think?

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My Enermax Liberty 400W hasn't borked anything yet. See specs in seg, powered by it.

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Hi, I'm new to DFI-Street and hope to get some help from you experts:


I'm planning to buy the DFI UT NF4 SLI-DR Expert MoBo but no sure the following Power Supply are good or not:


Thermaltake W0049RUC PurePower ATX 2.01/EPS SLI 680W Power Supply (Black)

About $124, looks promising but didn't see many people recommend Thermaltake PSU here...


Enermax EG701AX VE(W) SFMA Noisetaker II Version 2.2 600W Power Supply

About $152 but not sure the compatibility.


OCZ PowerStream ATX 2.01/EPS SLI Ready w/Adjustable Power Rails & LED 520W PS

About $110 but will 520W enough for my configuration below?

Maybe a 600W is needed? (but more expensive)


(Will OC)


AMD 64 x 2 4200+

Mushkin 2GB XP4000 (2 x 1GB)

2 x eVGA 7600 GT CO SuperClocked 256MB (SLI)

2 x Maxtor 300GB, SATA150, 16Mb buffer, 7200 RPM -- RAID 1

Sony DRU-810A 16X IDE DVD+/-RW DVD

Case: Thermaltake VA3000SWA


May add another DVD rewriter, sound card, & hard drive(s).


Thanks in advance!

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The TT's I hear are prure garbage.

That's from general people in this forum, if they say that then the thing must really suck.


Poeple are even runnign those ultra's, and wow they have alot of fluctuation.


The enermax or ocz...

I'm not quite sure.


I can speak about older enermax's, they were pretty decent.

The rails were'nt correct, but after some balancing mods(foltering) it worked extremly well, I have a 350w that did better on avg then this ocz for system stability.

When things are going good this ocz beats it though.


Heat kills the ocz.


Mine is modded, the fans run at full speed, it's in the 5/14 bays away from heat

My cabling is not quite avg probably, I have'nt redid them but I only got one cable lead per drive.

No fans powered by the ocz.

The 4pin(8pin) is filtered.

The ide lead going to my dvdrw is filtered.


With it like this, when it gets int eh mid 30 c's, it fluctuates 0.04v on the +12v rail.

around 0.02 on the +3.33 and +5.00 rail, these I have'nt paid to much attention too because my focus these last few days was on the +12v rails.


When the temps are going good, the fluctuation of the +12v is not measureable on my dmm of 0.7% accuracy.

+3.33v fluctuation is not measureable either when it's good, however it is when it's running hot.

The +5v rail allways measureable.


When it's hot, the voltages are up not down.



The psu is good one, the ocz 600w'er.

Int he hands of an avg oc'er or what not, it should be decent, maybe.

If it's cooling well it'll be decent except for maybe cpu wise(8pin).

Otherwise it's just ok.



I must tell you though, the ability to adjust te rails is a msut have, however it is a very very very steep learning curve.

To much so I think for the beginer, not only that, if you have'nt even had any serious experience with the rig you plan on building right now, then it could be even harder to figuer out.


If you do choos this psu, get a dmm!

I mean it, it is an absolute must.

These ocz's come overvoltaged bit time, some would say past the danger level for hd's and more.

Well past that actaully, the +12v on mine was likely around 13v, I have not went back and checked(I do have the ref bios readouts), but when I was playing around, well under those levels, I hit 12.40...


I would reccomend a dmm liek i said, and set it while idling in the bios, just ensure that it does not go below specs.

Pick a cable, likely one with load or without, your choice, this will depend on the cable arrangement and a ton of other things.

Liek I said it's not easy.

However setting up somewhat ref levels should'nt be to hard, just check with mutlible cables to a get a better idea maybe.

Pick one out of those to set the ref votlages from and see how that goes.


Once you setup the voltges, make sure and breakin the rig for a few days before playing around again with the votlages.

Once you find somehtign your drives like, break that in and leave it, for +12v anyways.

The +5v will be right around ref level, same for +3.33v.

I dont' reccomend upping the +3.33v at all!, howver some will for memory votlage upp'ing, it's bad for the system though most likely if the system depends on that voltage(like the bios chip, chipset, etc etc).



With the enermax you get ease of use.

If it can cut it, it ma be worth it.

However this is totally up to you, in the end the ocz may perform better with very little work.

I can't say for sure ^^.



I would hope someone else would have a few opinions other then just saying, get the ocz, it's solid, blah blah, that sorta stuff...

I like the ocz, I like enermax too but have'nt had a new one.

If I were going to try another brand psu, I would try to get one of these:






I've had deltas before, very nice psu's.

Probably very hard to come by though.

Zippy looks inpressive, but I really have no clue.


PCP&C I woudl have to expect good perforance from, if not I would be a bit ticked from all the feedback people give it.

Then again it was the same way with the ocz...

I ended up having to do alot of work with that psu t get it working right, and it still has problems in the morning.

However 0.04v fluctuation is not likely to be considered bad by most.

I hav no idea what it's like totally stock.



Oh yeah, when I had fans on the ocz, the +12v the lead where my fans were on droped 0.25v.

That's just that lead though.

It did make the rest of the leads fluctuate at a faster pace though.





For those peeps looking at antec's for possible buys, don't.

They have problems blowing out boards.

Dfi is'nt stating this but other mobo companies have, publicly.

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