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SLI-DR System Crash

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2 days ago, while chatting with my brother through skype and YAHOO, my system turned off. Through thorough tests iv concluded that it wasnt because of my overclocking since my mems ran 8 hours full on memtest at 0(zero) errors.


One of my partitions HDs got wiped out, an entire partition. Damn! How could that happen? :-(


Couldnt even reinstall windows coz after windows reformat and reinstallation process I get BSOD.

Using Corsair XMS XPERT3200 :

Installed on stock settings =BSOD

Increased ram voltage to 2.8 on stock settings = BSOD

Flashed BIOS and repeated both steps above = BSOD

Memtest ram 8 hours = no errors


Changed Ram today (Gskil RAMs from shop just for testing) = installation succesful


Could I have fried my Mems? :confused:


Currently I left the Corsairs XMS XPERTS at the shop for further tests.


Im also currently recovering my files on the lost partition using "RECOVER MY FILES V2.91" its a great software based recovery tool. Just installed it, chose the unpartitioned drive and surprisingly its even recovering files ive delete from a previous drive, maybe ghosts of those files got transfered to this new drive also.

Atlease my files are safe but my question is:


Even if I fried or busted my mems, what could have caused my partition to dissapear?

It was a whole partition by the way on a single Seagate 200gb sata drive.

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What can cause my partition to dissappear? Simply said the crash. When a computer crashes it goes between shutdown and still power up and voltages are going everywhere and file tables are in memory and memory is dying off and so the file tables go> well where do they go? Who knows and you wind up with a hard drive whose heads skipped from here to there and added or removed whatever it skipped across. Yes, overclocking and crashing are not the best for a computer that has to work. All overclocking is 'running' OUT of SPECIFICATION and is not recommended if you must have data safety. IT managers and system managers buy spec'd setups and buy faster processors if the load demands it. They do not run out of specification. They cannot afford the liabilties of overclocking and maybe some home users would be wise to adhere to that as well. It is a thought.



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OK guys problem has been solved! :-D


1.) It was not sata problem or an HD problem. The loss of data was caused by me sa akong ka danghag pag set sa raid config, instead of setting the 2x80 satas for raid I accidentally set the 2x200GB for raid which results in loss of data on the 200GB drive. I have repeatedly did this over and over for testing and same results happen :-D


2.) System crashed was caused by total system instability maybe beacuse I was pushing my mems really high to get the highest super PI score hehehehe :-D


3.) Right now what I noticed on my mems is I have to overclock them and feed them atleast 2.8V to work properely. Another thing I observed is I cant overclock them above 215x10 anymore :-(


I amnow using an ANTEC NEO POWER 480. Was suppose to get a silverstone but a customer of hours wanted it so badly I gave it to him :-D



Took the oppurtunity to clean up my rig again added UV reactive connectors and UV cable wraps and changed my second lamp to blue instead of green :-D





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