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Incompatibility Saitek X52 with nF3 250 GB ?

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I have the Saitek X52 joystick and I have a few problems with it : when I select a profile with SST (the configuration software delivered with the X52), strange things occur on Windows XP desktop :

- upwards movement mouse.

- bad left click : I left click an icon, another icon is selected.

- keyboard which does not react anymore : I have to click with the mouse where I was typing and the keyboard works again. And that only occurs when the stick is plugged and loaded with a profile.

- Sometimes, the '-' key is being kept typed in Word or when I want to login in Yahoo and Hotmail mailboxes. I solved this phenomenon by unplugging and plugging the stick again.

- main stick (the X52 consists in a stick and a separate throttle) not functionning. Solved by unplugging and plugging it again.


I contacted Saitek which adviced me the following changes :

- not allow the computer to switch off the joystick in the peripheral manager

- not attribute simulators functions to joystick neutral positions in SST.

- return the stick to the store for an exchange.


The symptoms did not disappear.


Finally, Saitek told me that other users who own a Nvidia nF3 chipset based motherboard encountered the same problems. The solution was to plug the stick in a USB ports PCI card. After that, The PC did not boot anymore : I have a blue screen with the message "Saih0255.sys"...And the boot was OK when I plug the joystick directly in the motherboard USB ports. This bug occured with the 10/15 bios. With the 31/03, this blue screen does not appear anymore, the boot is OK but my problems with the X52 still happen.


A temporary and not full-satisfactory solution exists : I have to open the configuration panel (which enables to test the axes and buttons) and all my problems disappear. And when I close this window, they appear again.


So, I suspect an incompatibility between the joystick X52 and the DFI Lan Party Nf3 250 Gb.


What is your feedback ?

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Wow!!! I finally found someone that is experiencing the same problem that I am with my board. I have a Saitek X52 and a Zboard gaming keyboard as well. When the system boots (most of the time after sitting overnight) it hangs with all 4 of the diagnostic LED's ON and a blank screen. After rebooting several times it will finally start properly. I found that unplugging the keyboard , mouse, and the X52 during the boot process will allow Windows to start. I plug the Zboard keyboard and mouse in during the Windows XP logo screen and everything is fine after that.


Anyone else have an idea what's going on?



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Just pointing this out...you do realize that was originally posted almost a year ago right?


Anyways, it might require more power than a standard keyboard. I'm not terribly familiar with the 250GB (I have one now but haven't played with it much) but other Lanparties have a jumper that enables more power to keyboard/mouse. Might help, might not. :O

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