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!!!Warning!!! Possible solution to NO POST issues with DFI Lanparty SL

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First off hello everybody, this is my first post on this forum and since i ve gotten many helpful hints from many of you i thought this was the perfect time to give something back to this great community.


So here we go:


I find myself in the peculiar situation to have 2 different revision of the DFI-Lanparty SLI-DR, I have the AA0 and the AB0. Couple of days ago I flashed the bios (the original that came with the rev AB0) with the 310p just to try out a different bios and see if I could get better luck with my settings while overclocking.

Unfortunately after updating the motherboard would not post. I tried clearing CMOS, and also tried safe boot, nothing would work. I could not get passed the "LANPARTY" initial screen and no matter what i tried i couldn't do anything else.


So i thought, here we go , i killed it... :( :eek:


I mounted the other DFI (Rev AA0) i have here and tried to flash bios to the latest final version. While it was updating i thought i d save some time and i started pluggin in all the cables in the back, audio, usb .. :sweat:

Well after updating the bios DANG ! same thing.. Lanparty screen and no further. :eek2: :mad:


Well believe it or not the USB was the devil !!! Unplugging the USB cables did it in both motherboards, they are both fully functional now.




This is not related to overclocking instability or similar, just something you might want to check if you just can't boot no matter what.


Hope it helps someone

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no bro i had a similiar case although not with a great mobo like this dfi here, but some crap off-the-wall vaguely-remember kind of mobo which belonged to a customer. it qouldnt boot even after i formatted and installed and i dang forgot to remove my oh-so-handy Lexarmedia usb thumbdrive.

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