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The DFI Movie Club

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Since someone suggested it, here's the DFI Movie Club.


I'll go first.


Big Trouble In Little China.



The Right Stuff



The Andromeda Strain.



Kung Pow! Enter the Fist



Trinity and Beyond



Lawrence of Arabia



Carry on!

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Here's Diversity for ya:



Apollo 13


Auntie Mame ( Rosalind, you were born to make that movie)


Lord O Rings (Trilogy)


Shawshank Redemption (Fav Scene, when Andy kicks back his heels, locks the door and plays Opera over PA and a BIG BRAVO....to Morgan Freeman (luv ya) and the excellent poetic narration.)


Amadeus ( Congrats, F. Murray Abraham for your Oscar you certainly deserved it.)


Boogie Nights (Gotta give you credit Mark, you picked yourself up off of the street. Enjoyed your life story on "Inside the Actors Studio" And it’s gotta be a prosthetic!)


Gangs of New York (BRAVO to Daniel Day Lewis, for an EXCELLENT performance!)


Goodfellas (Down and Dirty)


The Wizard of Oz (Forgive them [Hollywood] Judy, for they knew not what they did).


Ordinary People


and to show you what a real sap I am....It's a Wonderful Life Donna Reed to me defines the true meaning of the term "good wife" / "mother".

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Boondock Saints


Threads (scary UK docudrama about nuclear war set in Birmingham, England)


Pulp Fiction (duh)


Cheech & Chong's Up In Smoke (classic)


O Brother Where Art Thou


The Natural (baseball goodness)


The Forgotten (creepy movie about aliens)


Forrest Gump (duh...possibly best movie of all time along with pulp fiction)


Full Metal Jacket (first half in boot camp = best ever)

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Cheech & Chong's Up In Smoke (classic)


never saw it, you mean i'm missing something? :dog:


Forrest Gump (duh...possibly best movie of all time )

one of the best, yes, and GREAT soundtrack!

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