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NF4-SLI-DR powered down now no POST

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its a vx/dfi issue.......try booting with just one stick in the orange slot furthest from teh cpu.....that might get you up and running..


Thats funny because I have same problem and dont use that ram and dont run the ram from the 5v rail.. something tells me these boards are not very reliable! everyone is saying corsair is no good(Rubbish)/seasonic(rubbish)/vx...comeon this is unacceptable..I have had enough of this crap I wont be coming here again and will definatly never by another dfi board even the moderators cant make there minds up! I going to have to tell my customer to replace his board because I have wasted a stupid amount of time over the last 4 months trying to get this thing to run! funny it ran fine for 2/3 of those months(after a few teething problems at the beggining..I would rather an average board that works out the box to a board that even after tweeking can do what the hell it likes..it makes any performance advantage(which is debatable) totaly not worth it for the amount of hours and stress! and know I am supposed to accept that the Seasonic psu is to blame...yeah right!


Have fun peeps I no I will once I set fire to this f board!

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