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NF4 Front Audio Pin Outs Stacker Case?

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Guest scott

I've been struggling with exactly the same sound hookup question.


I don't quite get cronocrash's post above because the labels are different on the Stacker wires & the DFI pins, and I don't know how to match them up.


How do you match Stacker's front audio cables to the Karajan audio pins on the DFI nF4 LanParty Ultra-D motherboard?


(A) CM STACKER front audio wire labels:

Green..........R Out..........R-Ret



Yellow.........Mic In

Red.............Mic Power


(B) Karajan audio pin labels on DFI nF4 LanParty Ultra-D motherboard:


Pin#, Top row:. [9, line out left).[7,nc]..[5,line out right]..[3,Mic right]..[1,Mic left]

Pin#, Bottom row:.[10, line out left front].[8,nc]..[6,line out right front].[4,Vcc].[2,GND]

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I own a Stacker too but I've never tried to connect front panel to Karajan module. But I've already done that before with my Gigabyte GA-7RXP motherboard. Although there are differences in naming, front audio connectors should be standardized in a way. By comparison and my previous experience...


Stacker -----> Karajan

L-OUT -------> Line out_Left

L-RET -------> Line out_Left_Front

R-OUT -------> Line out_Right

R-RET -------> Line out_Right_Front

MIC-IN ------> Mic_Left

MIC-POWER ---> Mic_Right (don't think it supports stereo or a second mic, so should be mic power pin :p)

GROUND ------> GND


Hope it helps. ;)

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1. I dont have a clue. I dont have a Stacker case. I also have not used front audio so I suppose i am a bad tech support person =(
Bad ts person, bad fighting56.gif


We all know you got one of these cases now. What did ya come up with? ;)

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Guest scott



By jove I think you've got it!


All please, a round of hearty applause for bloodscourge. Hear Hear!

They didn't even answer this question on CoolerMaster's own forum.

Thank you, bloodscourge. Your screen name is disgusting but your helpfulness is great!


In summary, as I understand you, the CM Stacker front audio wires with the following labels connect to Karajan module pin numbers like this:


Green wire.........R Out to pin 5..........R-Ret to pin 3

Black wire..........Ground to pin 2

White wire.........L-Out to pin 9...........L-Ret to pin 10

Yellow wire........Mic In to pin 1

Red wire............Mic Power to pin 3


Thank you, bloodscourge! Thank you!


Why didn't you hook yours up? Does anything bad happen if I hook mine up?

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Yep, change the R-Ret pin from 3 to 6 and that's the deal. At first sight, I thought you were laughing at me... :rolleyes:. Why didn't I hook this up? Because I didn't have the opportunity, simple as that :shake:. Moreover I use a sennheiser headphone with a native 6.35 mm stereo jack connection so I use a 6.35->3.5 adapter and don't want to kill my front panel with an unwanted move ;)



PS: FYI bloodcsourge come from a 10 years old game called hexen.

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i don't own a stacker case, but i have the same wires for the front audio. when i

connect it like it is in the manuals of my dfi, or the cases manual i only get sound

on one ear. so i guess the return only works on one channel.

when i got you right, i would have to put the return right into pin 3 instead of 6, and

return left into pin 10. then i have a problem, because my return left and right are

actually on one plug !!


any suggestions please?



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I have a similar issue here with a Quantum case by MGE, except that my front panel also has a port for a headset. Connectors as follow:


Mic in and chained off that is Mic VCC

Line L


Line R

Ear R

Ear L


No idea how this is all supposed to match up to the Karajan module. What are the jumpers doing on there anyways?


I tried using my NewQ Platinum with the pigtail male-male connectors in the back but it seems to not be functioning. The NewQ shows the audio is being received and itpasses the audio through, but it doesn't work to allow me to use the mic/headphone jacks on the NewQ. I'm not sure why this is. I'll experiment more when I get home, but if anyone has had any expereince using a newQ Platinum on one of the SLI-DR boards with the Karajan module, I'd appreciate some advice.

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