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Yes. Higher voltage and loose timings is needed when the memory controller is weaker than normal. This could be the reason in which we can't run at memtest stable timings. Venice 0517 E3 seemed doing quite well. My max Prime stable clock is only 2250 on CBBID Winchester. :)


nice bro...i'm still stuck at 2480mhz with this Winchester! and wats more is that now my memory will not run at 2.8v or even 2.9v without crashing or BSOD.

ever since i started experimenting with 3.0v, it jus won't do 2.9v at this timing/FSB.

also i saw somewhere in this forum that someone with tccd rams having similiar problem as me---ever since running at 3.0v and pushing for higher clocks, the rams jus won't run at CAS 2.5 anymore. only time it'll do that is at stock settings. :confused:

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RiZZo, remember to active cool the RAM when running 3.0v. It can heat up quite a bits. :nod:



hehe no worries :) although 80mm fans would be great to cool the RAM, I think i'll be ok using these.


haven't tested Prime yet cos i'm still waiting for my radiator and reservoir bracket and only when i Prime will it reach 60-62 deg Celcius :drool: so far tested OCCT at this current 248x10 settings.

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Guest area51

Hey guys just wanted to say thanks for this great thread! Got my mems last night and using some peoples settings as the starting point within an hour was stable at what you see in my sig. I verified it by running occt and primed all night (I stopped it after 9 hours). Wow :nod: is all I have to say about this memory! Nothing touches this for the $$

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Actually got it from Vampzone's enegizer. nice guy...should check out his house! got lotsa stuff and bloody giant telescope in his living room :nod:

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PDP TCCD on Venice seemed love DRAM drive strength 7.


I was having problem getting Prime stable even at stock even with 2.0-3-2-6 at 2.8v. I realized when I set the DRAM drive strength to Auto, it turn out running normal driver strength. I thought it should be fine but it wasn't until I manually set the drive strengh to 7.

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These are my notes. As for BIOS version I started this thread which could also help somehow...


FSB Bus - 259


LDT Bus - 16/16

CPU/FSB - 10

PCI-E - 101

CPU VID StartUp - 1.425

CPU VID Control - 1.475

CPU VID Special Control - 110%

LDT voltage control - 1.4

Chip Set Voltage Control - 1.8

DRAM Voltage Control - 2.9


DRAM Freq - 200

CPC - Enable

Tcl - 2.5

Trcd - 4 (no way 3 above 250)

Tras - 6

Trp - 3

Trc - 8

Trfc - 11

Trrd - 2

twr - 3

Twtr - 2

Trwt - 4

Tref - 4708 (crazy timing here. I can do any setting with Interleave disabled, other wise very picky... 16, 32, 64, 128, 780 only)

Twcl - 1

Bank Interleave - Disable (loss of bandwith here, but Enabled can't seem to work memtest above 253)

Skew Control - Decrease (have no idea what this setting is about... eihter way seems to make no difference at all)

Skew Value - 96 (or this one)

Drive Strenght - 7 (can do 8 also...)

Data Drive Strength - 4

Max Async - 7

Read Preambule - 5

IdleCycle Limit - 256

Dynamic Counter - Disable

R/W Queue Bypass - 16

Bypass Max - 7

32 Byte Granularity - Disable


I can memtest these settings up until at least 270 for 12 hours. Being OCCT and memtest stable I still can find no way to get it at 260x10 :mad:



Great thread...I just got my Ram today and I am a bit new to OCing, but i tried those settings above and it works, but with CAS# latency set to 2.0 instead of 2.5...I wasn't sure if 2.3ghz(259 X 9) was stable so I went down to 245X9 and tonight ima run memtest...to check...




thanks alot...was looking for something exactly like this..

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Mine are performing best at 2.9v. Currently running at 305mhz 2.5-4-3-7 2T. My 2X256 kit will run 305mhz and beyond at 1T...This stuff just can't be beat for the price...

Oldguy im board so i wont to try your settings and see if i can get out of the 166 divider can you posts yours because your runing 2x256 thanks but its gonna take me 296MHz to get into 183

Man that was a long read lol but did help me out for ive been running tras 166 7,8 all along and never sen anyone else useing it

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Anyone got any Venice core and 704BTA Bios results? That is what I am running in my rig and I cannot for the life of me get the damned thing stable. I just wanna play games on my new 7800GT......:(


EDIT: I swear that no matter what settings I put in or how many passes of memtest I run, this stuff just will not work. I went thru 10+ hours and 292 passes of memtest #8 and the POS still won't boot to windows. HELP!

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