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754/939 Users - What CPU COOLER are you using?


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    • Thermalright (XP-90/XP-120/SLK-948U)
    • Zalman air-cooling (all models)
    • Swiftech air-cooling (all models)
    • Coolermaster air-cooling (all models)
    • Aerocool air-cooling (all models)
    • Alpha air-cooling (all models)
    • Thermaltake air-cooling (all models)
    • Danger Den watercooling (all models)
    • Swiftech watercooling (all models)
    • Zalman watercooling (all models)
    • Thermaltake watercooling (all models)
    • Corsair watercooling (all models)
    • Asetek watercooling (all models)
    • Koolance watercooling (all models)
    • Polarflo watercooling (all models)
    • Coolermaster watercooling (all models)
    • Other (please post in thread!)

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1-A HV4 (water cooling 1-A cooling) inverted entry tubing, with Eheim 1250,+ 2 Rads..

High restriciton of flow with "microcanal" in the copper block...


1.8V ( Opty150, the temp of CPU stay under the 30°C in idle, 35°C max load this summer, winter you can pull off some °C)

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Guest Retratserif

Asetek WaterChill Dual Radiator with CPU/VGA/Chipset water blocks. OC's at 2800 hold 35-37 load temps on CPU.

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Zalman CNPS-7700 Cu w/Ceramique paste. Works well for single core, dual core begins to push it to its limits. I might be replacing it with a Big Typhoon soon.

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TDX, D5 pump, 2 Maze 4 GPU's, and a bonneville heatercore with 2x 120's, and 1/2" tubes. Just redid some tubing last nite to move my pump, so I have a bunch of bubbles.... but idle is 75 F, load is upper 80's F. That's according to MBM5.. which could be off a little.

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What advantages does the TDX have over the RBX? I wouldn't thought the latter'd be better, but everyone's using TDX.


The main thing is that they are easier to install. No need to mess with a splitter for the dual outs on an RBX. Plus, the base actually covers the whole IHS, where the RBX leaves a little of the IHS hanging out in the open.


The other thing, is that RBX's used to be more expensive. You could save $20, and swap the nozzle plate in the TDX out, and beat the stock RBX's performance, so long as you had a good pump.


edit: I took out something I said about the RBX being less responsive to the nozzle plates.... that was incorrect. Sorry about that.

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I've got a couple of NF4 systems

a DFI Ultra D & Opteron 146 (in my sig)

and a Asus A8N SLI Premium with an X2 4200 OC to 2530Mhz at 1.39v, Limited by crappy memory



Both use what is stock to the X2, AMD stock 4 Copper heat pipe's with 80x20 Delta fans, they really are excellent coolers.

Have a look MadShrimps compairs them to XP-90's



My Opty temps Idle 32c ish, max 51c during prime

The X2 Idle 32c ish, max 52c during prime

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Im using a Gigabyte 3D Cooler Pro on my main rig (which keeps the CPU very cool and isn't priced too much, 16C idle, 34C load), and a Vantec Aeroflow on my other system, the rest are using stock (the newer AMD heatpipe coolers mainly)

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