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hello poeple ................... let the party begin

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well thanks for a good man and a quick answer i was pointed here due to several thoughts about my next system - my dream(realistic ones eha ?) machine. :angel:


in 2 weeks ~ a month i am gonna buy it after watching the technology takes it's turns for the last year , cause you all aware that buying a computer is a well known paradox.


technology advances in time so todays computer are tommorow handhelds(and yes i'm exaggerating but you know my point amd k6-7-8 gf4-5-6 etc-etc+ etcetc)


and the other option is to wait and wait and wait...........


so first thing is DA BUDJET and mine is 2750$ per DA BOX e.g. no screen kb mouse


after seeing the technology evolving with a huge major change (multy cpu/gpu proccessing) and a less huge one (64bit PC) i had took my dive and had build a system and here i need your help fine tuning it . :nod:


here are spec:


amd 3500 winchester (hope 3800 venice will arrive)


OCZ 1024MB (2x512MB) EL DDR PC3200 DualChannel Platinum Rev 2

WD SATA 74GB 10000 RPM

MSI NX6800GT T2D256 PCI-E 256Mb 256Bit

NEC ND-3520A Dual Layer DVD±R/W/DL 16X Black Bulk

Tagan TG480-U02 480Watt

Thermaltake Shark VA7000 Black

Danger Den Copper TDX Block for AMD Athlon 64 754/939/940

Danger Den Acetal MAZE4 GPU Block for nVIDIA/ATi

Danger Den (Laing) DD12V-D4 1/2" Pump

Danger Den Black Ice Xtreme Radiator - Black 1/2

Danger Den Bay Reservoir High-Density Polyethylene

AeroCool GateWatch Black


mission is 2.8ghz cpu and ultragti gf6800 (e.g. as much as the msi can get)


:confused: :confused: :confused: can it be done?

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Nice specs


Well as you can see in my siginture we have similar systems. So if you want some advice I can throw you a bone or two :P


I will tell you a couple things right off. With you ram you will most likely have trouble getting that cpu to 2.8 I've had mine at 2.73 stable [but not when i play games with the graphics optimized, but your gpu may help you morethere than mine does] I had my fsb all the way upto 333 and running fine but it's just not stable all around. I've found that my current 290X9 = 2.61ghz is a nice comfort zone for my setup.


I can tell you all kinds of different settings to try in bios for the optimized setup. I have several saved in my cmos reloaded [great lil tool :nod: :P ]


I do plan on buying the new OCZ pc 5000 ddr 625 when it comes out, [made just for the dfi nf4 boards] and I know this will help me get to new OCing heights :D :cool:


Get back with me and tell me exactly what you want to do with your system, and I'll see if I can help you out. I check this forum several times a day so I should respond quickly! :nod:

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ty system is for gaming of course and i had saw on hardocp or pcstats that ram could reach high voltage .



and yes my gpu can handle more

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excellent choice for watercooling! (i only use Danger Den exclusively myself)


my Newcastle 3500+ (its a clawhammer core it seems) is rocking...but any cpu is a hit-or-miss...you never know what you gonna get (run Forrest run!!!)

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you never know what you gonna get


hehe you are probably right but u can always check the cpu itself and where i'm buying i'm sure to get the right one (hopefully venice will arrive)

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Danger Den blocks look good but......go with Swiftech for CPU cooling!!


I ordered the DD TDX and email them back to swap it for the Swiftech MCW6002-

64 just in time. Swiftech blocks are ugly but perform better for the same price.


For GPU cooling I will got with the DD SLI setup of course!


Still waiting for a good 1/2" ID block for the nF4 chipset.


Swiftech MCW6002



Danger Den TDX


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FSB 293

ratio X3

Transfer 16 16

FSB ratio X9

PCI 101

CPU VID startup 1.55

CPU VID control 1.55

Special 104

LDT 1.5

Chipset 1.8

Dram 2.9 had it at 3.0 and ran stable


DRAM Freq. 100

CPC enabled gives you 1T



You can find more about the rest of the bios in other parts on this forum, If you don't have riad and sata then disable those to give you faster boot times. Make sure you have the latest bios update which is 3/10 and then put your ram in slots 2 and 4 to give you dual channel. If I left anything out and you need more info just post and I'll try to help

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