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I'll be ordering soon...

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I should be ordering here within the next couple of weeks and I think I've got it down what I'm going to buy. I'm basically looking at a double check of any compatibility issues I might've missed. I'll explain some stuff after I list my parts


-DFI NF4 Ultra-D

-Athlon 64 3000+ S939 Retail

-eVGA GeForce 6600GT

-512MB (2x256MB) Patriot PDP+XBL PC3200

-Enermax EG565P-VE FMA 535W PSU


While I was looking to do 1GB, I felt that I'd have more tweaking room going with 512MB of some good RAM. I got the retail box CPU as I can always get some beefier heatsink a little later, but still have something to get me going right away. I was looking at a 470W Enermax, but the EG565-VE was only about $10 more and had a total of 36A vs 31A between the 12V rails.


I don't think I've got any compatibility issues here, but it's not gonna hurt to wait a few extra days to order.

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