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NF2 Ultra B - freezes in games after installing 6600GT

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Hey all, im back with a problem, my system specs are in the signature


I have been using this build for quite some time (but with a 9600pro), and Decided i would like to upgrade to an AMD 64, and a friend of mine was interested in buying this PC off me, but he wanted a better gfx card, so he ordered a 6600GT for this system, I installed it, everything went fine at first, All went well, till i went to test to see what this bad boy was capable of, and it now freezes about 10 mins into a game (not all games), i thought this may be due to a driver issue, so i downloaded all the newest ones etc but no change


And yes, the 4pin molex is connected.


I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem, I figure it could be my PSU, or maybe the card is over heating?


note: System was overclocked at 250x10, 1.75 vCore, have it now at 200x10, 1.45 vCore and still have the same prob, Graphics card is at 500/1000 (stock settings), any idea's are more than welcome


- Shad0w

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The 6600gt has one molex for memory right?


I can't remember.

I do know that it's core uses about the limit of the agp bus, the ultra does anyways.


My gf4 does'nt have an extra molex to fedd it's memory.

When it was working good I had to use 1.6v from 66mhz agp to 81mhz.

I had to use 1.7v for 81-100mhz.


With it's pcb all messed up and since I had to clock down it's memroy from 675 to 200,p I can do 100mhz at 1.5v.


It's worth a shot by checking those games that freeze.

Go up to 1.6v or 1.7v max probably.


Find a game that does this quickly so you don't end up working on it for hours.

I used ut2004 demo, the ctf map.


Also check you're vcore, shoudl put it on 1.8v for now until you prime perhaps.

Then step down a tiny bit at a time, mine does 1.775v 250x10 for the 8hrs of prime.

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I have primed for 5 hours+ (got bored waiting, and case fans are too noisy to leave it on all night, have new ones coming) in both 250x10 @ 1.75v, and 200x10 @ 1.45v


When I woke thismorning, I decided I would give the graphics card is own sepret molex cable with nothing else connected to it, and I havent had the problem since.


The games it was crashing on were:


Warcraft 3, about 10 to 15 mins into the game (any map), played it for roughly 2 hours thismorning

MOHAA, about 20 mins in on Omaha Beach, played the whole sanerio


but it was running fine on CSS, HL2 etc, just crashed on the older ones, weird but its working fine now, will wait to see in time, thanks for ya Idea's


- Shad0w

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