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NF4 Ultra-D - Headphone jacks stopped working?

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This is weird. I've lost all sound out of the headphone jacks for no apparent reason. It just quit on me while I was getting a cup of coffee. I've tried pretty much everything I can think of, including using both the nVidia and Realtek drivers and mixers (alternately, of course), checking the Karajan module is seated correctly (it is) and that the jumpers are correct for back panel (they are) output.


The speakers work still, oddly, and the headphones work (badly, quietly), when I plug them into the center speaker (black) jack.


Has anyone had this problem, or have any ideas? This is driving me nuts, and I *really* need to use the headphones. Hell, one of the reasons I bought this card was for the onboard audio...


Thanks in advance.


Edit : Resolved. Don't know how or why. The headphone audio 'just came back' about two days after I gave up messing with it, when I tried plugging it back in, on a whim. Ah well.

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