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What power supply do you have? (open to all platforms)


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  1. 1.

    • OCZ (all makes)
    • Fortron/FSP (all makes)
    • Enermax
    • PCP&C
    • Antec
    • Skyhawk
    • Thermaltake
    • Coolermaster
    • I'm using a 20-pin psu still
    • Other (please list in a post!)
    • Silverstone
    • Sunbeam
    • Tagan
    • Seasonic
    • Hiper
    • Mushkin/BFG

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Guest caffeinejunkie

500w Sintek Modular


Virtually unknown when bought and pretty much the same now but stable as a rock


all rails on the dot with dmm


and it looks sexy with it's digital temp readout and the 120/80mm on the fancontroler built into the back

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Not dissatisfied with my Antec PSU at all, just a quick comment on PSUs and all the comments/complaints I hear about it.


There has been a lot of whining with the new 24-pin power setups and SLI boards, and if you want things to work properly, even WITHOUT SLI enabled, you simply have to get a QUALITY Power Supply Unit, not some no-name P.O.S.!! If I had a dollar for every report I get from friends and clients about buying that new SLI board and having it NOT work with their old PSU or not work/not work stable with their allegedly "High-Powered" 500 watt CRAPOLA.tw brand PSU, I could retire tomorrow.


Get a quality PSU for these new boards, and if you are cheap like me, that's fine, stick with a low-line quality unit between 480-520watts or so and 18-20 amps on the 12v rails. no biggs, but get good stuff and you will be up and running... get crappy PSU and wonder what your new board would be like to use at all.


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I've had a few older Enermax Whisper's in the past, they were good but not that quiet.

Went to Antec TruePower series and they were good.

Went to a Vantec Stealth and it was sort of loud.

Went to an Antec NeoPower 500w and it had a weird whine from the video card pulling too many amps.

Now I have an Enermax Liberty 500w and love it.

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