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What power supply do you have? (open to all platforms)


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  1. 1.

    • OCZ (all makes)
    • Fortron/FSP (all makes)
    • Enermax
    • PCP&C
    • Antec
    • Skyhawk
    • Thermaltake
    • Coolermaster
    • I'm using a 20-pin psu still
    • Other (please list in a post!)
    • Silverstone
    • Sunbeam
    • Tagan
    • Seasonic
    • Hiper
    • Mushkin/BFG

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450w OCZ Modstream.


Bought it before I knew what the "Recommended PSU" list was, so I need a new one.


Probably won't get another for a couple months as voltages are ROCK solid.


However, I think it's funny how I'm always telling everyone their PSUs suck when I'm the one with a PSU which isn't recommended by DFI.


That said, I only have one HDD, one DVD burner, and then the other obvious things.


+12v - 12.03v

+3.3v - 3.33v

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I upgraded my Enermax 600w Noisetaker for the FSP Group Epsilon FX700-GLN and, yikes... this psu is nearly perfect.


Enermax quality degraded over time and under a lot of overclock, in short: it was not made for SLI and dual core in mind. The Epsilon is.




For SLI systems with high video overclocks or huge nvidia cards I recomend this one. Bought it at Directron.com at a lot less money than what they sell them at Newegg.com. Better than this one I can only think of the PC Power & Cooling 850 Turbo.

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^^^^ I cant belive that psu even powers that system. thermaltaks are the number one "don't buy" psu I have seen talked about.


I don't think that Tt is the #1 "don't buy". I'd give that honor to Aspire. As a matter of fact, one of my latest builds has this PSU:


on an Expert. 3700+ @ 2.7Ghz 24/7. It's only been up for ~60 days, but so far so good.


I use a OCZ 520 Powerstream, a Zalman 460 and a Sintek 500 in my other rigs.

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