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Dead NF4

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So, i've been hapily using my NF4 for weeks now, all was well with it. This morning i flashed to the 3/10 official bios. noticed some changes in it so i started to play around with memory settings. all fine and well. stability was noted. well on about the 10th tweek>reboot to memtest it died. I'm one of those guys that buys boards like my girlfriend buys shoes. I didn't panic, i cleard the cmos and tried all the usual debugging methods. NOTHING. All i get is a series of beeps 2 seconds long. To me that usually means a dead processor. I thought damn..


If that weren't enough, i went off to work today and thought about it. Ok i thought i'll bring a processor home from work and give it a go. My previous proc was a 3500 winchester, this new one was a 3000 winchester. fine great.. i put it in and bam! now that one's dead. never booted actually right from box to board. dead.

i verified all this by putting both the processors in a different board. different psu, different ram, nada.


so consolation is great. but i'd like a new board. my processors were both retail thankfully so they'll be 'taken care of'.




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please check the rules and the Important Info threads stuck to the top of this section, paying close attention to the second post in teh 'critical' thread (about system specs in your sig).


this helps us tremendously to help you solve your issue if we can see what is in your system every time you post.


Be as thorough as possible please. Voltages, timings, settings, bios version. The more information you give us about the problem, and the more details about your hardware in your sig = more help we can give you.





make a sig anyway please.



RMA the board if it is dead and you have tried everything you know to revive it.

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