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[H]ard|forum needs to upgrade.

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I just saw this thread on hardforum.com.



"Ice Czar" is a "Supercharged Moderator" but obviously not a regular at reviews or technical writing. Besides the obvious spelling and grammar errors, there are some blindingly bad factual errors.


Like this one...


Figure the Individaul Draw on each +12V Rail

If you have a modern board, or if you have a serverworkstation

its very likely that you will be looking at PSUs with more than one +12V rail

so we need to look at how much draw there is on each of the rails

it breaks out like this for an ATX12V v2.0(1) supply

1. Add the +12V1 up

CPU, mobo, +12V power for PCI cards and +12V power via the AGP slot

2. Add the +12V2 up

everything else, including the Auxillary Power to the Video Card(s)

(this is where you pull up the Video Card Chart we used above)



All you have to do is look at the label on a power supply and it will tell you that the 12V2 is dedicated to the 4pin mobo connector that supplies power to the CPU. The AGP slot is powered by a 3.3V line.


Kinda makes you wonder who’s in charge over there?!?!

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