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The ULTIMATE MBM 5 Settings/Help Thread

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Ah looks like thats the Plugin i was referring too in the link Drewski posted:



There was a great thread over on MBM5 Forums regarding it. I'd have tried it out on my crappy FX5600 but it don't even have a temp monitoring sensor :( Even though the GPU does have a Temp Diode like all the other FX Cards.


Always wanted to try out the SmartFan II Plugin but never got round to it. If you have them as thermally controlled via the temp probes you can configure MBM5 to take readings from them.

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Yeah that's the same plugin I tried with no luck :( Even with the required MSI software installed.


I've spent the last 2 days looking for SOMETHING that could work with no luck.


I got SOOO excited the other day for nothing LOL. I found a plugin that reads laptop sensors. it's range was between 40c-120c I installed it, and at that particular moment my 6800 also had GPU temps of 40c. The sensor was also showing 40c and I was like "YES!!!"


I turned on ATItool to get the fuzzy box going, and the temps on the sensor didn't go up :( I guess since the plugin's range started at 40c, it was only displaying that first figure since it wasn't getting a reading anywhere else. Oh well.

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Well in theory the Plugin should work with any card that has a Winbond W83L785R chip. For other chips i guess someone would have to create a new Plugin.


There used to be a cool trick you could do on the Epox boards that had the little digital display with MBM5. If you went into the settings of MBM5, enabled R2DPro support, and selected the right port(think it was $80, or maybe $50...) and then selected a sensor it would then display the temp from that sensor on the display on the board. Cool if you had a windowed case :)

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hehehe - need to be Tryin' to clean up the thread a bit here.


1 - I've updated all the necessary files in the first post of the thread.

2 - I've also changed all the links in my posts due the latest info.

3- I will be deleting all links in "quotes" next, so at least we'll all be using same links.

I'll do my best to keep everything updated as we change and add more stuff.


Thanks Shinobi, I appreciate all the input you and others have given in the thread.


Couple of things about MBM5 on the NF2 DFI sistas.


Socket/Diode Stuff

"A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away" (think it amdmb) many had lengthy discussions as to the Socket and Diode temps and which was the accurate one. I think I wound up setting CPU Diode to the sensor and not the sensor diode. Try switching between the two in the settings and let us know. I know I used the lower of the two but can't remember the reason.


Chipset temps - I remember Alex Van Kaam posting somewhere that he knew of NO temperature reading capabilities on NF2. So it may be bullsheet or it may be close. (The NF4 chipset temp looks real accurate so your guess is as good as mine)



IIRC fan 3 on the NF2s have no RPM monitoring capability either.


Yes I realize that any monitoring software is not accurate but I've been messing around with MBM5 (5370vers) and the Ultra D. Think I have a handle on it.


A Digital Voltmeter or thermal probe is always the most accurate way of obtaining information, it's also considerably more difficult.


MBM5 is software, and actually really really nice software.


I read so many posts with questions about voltages and temps that I hope this helps some as intended. Big thanks to all who have posted questions, comments, and results. Screenshots of results lets those with a similar rig make easy comparisons. :)

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I've been watching this thread for some time now. I think soundx98 did a great job of shepherding this endeavour.


All you guys that are using the hard work of others to get MBM running for you should give a shout-out to the people that put their own time into this project.


Good job everyone. Enjoy your accomplishment!



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Yeah your using the W83L8785TS-S Diode for the CPU Diode, thats the one i've always used.

Yeah i've seen the lengthy discussions about the Diode on Infinity and Lanparty(is it the same on the NF3 & NF4's?), found them when i was doing a search on how to take correct readings from it. Found a guy who was using a thermal probe on the core of his CPU on his Infinity and he said that the W83L8785TS-S Diode reading was about 25°C lower than the reading he got from the probe, so i just add a +25°C compensation to the Diode. Don't know whether its entirely accurate but it does seem more like what a Diode reading should be.


If anyone else is using a Thermal Probe would be good to see how their readings compare with the W83L8785TS-S Diode.

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Thanks drewski, link updated.


Geez Shinobi, a 25 degree celcius increase seems like a big difference. I could understand maybe 10 degrees but 25 seems too high. Keep us posted.

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ok, here's an idea for you GeForce guys (i guess everyone can use it too, but it provides something of a solution for the GeForce folks).


a program called Samurize:



it can capture MBM5 data so all the goodies that have been discovered in this thread can be displayed easily.



there are also two RivaTuner plug-ins that will either read from the RT log-file or RT shared memory:



i haven't tried any of this out, so YMMV, but it looks like a decent solution to aggregate and display data from disparate sources.


plus . . . it's free! :D


now play around and report back!! ;)

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