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Crucial Ballistix 2x1GB PC4000 kit gone bad (merged)

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My original purchase was in September.


Again, I wasn't kidding when I said that I have spent thousands with newegg. The only time I don't buy from newegg is when they don't carry what I want. I'm sure that may have something to do with it, but then again, maybe not. They have always treated me well though.


When I RMA'd my first set, outside the 30-day return, I asked if i could choose another brand of ram cause I believed that a new set will just die again. They put me on hold to check and then came back and said they couldn't do that (they being newegg). They still have the single sticks, which is what my original purchase was, so hopefully by the time my current set needs RMA, they will all be gone.


***off topic rant***

But I have become a little unsatisfied with Newegg recently. I purchased an saphire oem x1800xl a while back, and it has a minor defect on one of the dvi ports (noise). And I inquired if i were to RMA it, what would happen (refund or replacement w/ another brand), since i was thinking of getting a x1900 and selling it and wouldn't want to sell the xl with a defect. Just from the asking the question via email, they put me in for a RMA, and said they'd send me a list of options to choose from to replace my card. Numerous emails inquiring about this 'list', a phone call, and 2-3 weeks later i still don't have a list.


Anyway, out of curuosity I just totalled up my spendings at Newegg: $2400... and just this week I spent another $1000, and I chose other retailers because of the lack of feedback and service over the RMA bs... not to mention the shipping on each item..totals up when ordering lots of items... i used to love Newegg too :(

***end rant***

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hmm,looks my CRUCIAL 2X1G Z503 mem parts work okay,no any problem yet.



btw,my fx-60 cpu beat my old p4 3.4EE 10-0!




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Update on my 2 x 512, I sent it back to Newegg and they're telling me that the stuff is "out of stock or discontinued" even though they show it in stock as both single sticks and 1 GB kits. Maybe they're sending the whole lot back to Crucial because of issues? I won't complain as long as they don't drag this out, and offer me something that really IS comparable (DDR500, 2.5-x-x-x). Since this is going to my bro-in-law, I'm kinda relieved that it will probably be something besides Ballistix...

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...If you have a look on their website, DFI aren't listed as supported motherboards. This is more than likely due to *possibly* bad batched that were released....


Good job, Sherlock. Too bad you didn't ask Watson for help. DFI is listed but you have to use a little brain and/or knowledge to find it. How about Diamond Flower?

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Doing prime95 torture test ie cpu it passes 5hrs...

Blend test lots of ram tested fails in 10mins


TRCD - 4

TCL - 3

TRAS - 8

TRP - 3

TRC - 9

TRFC - 16


TWR - 3

TWTR - 2

TRWT - 3







MAX - 7


253MHZ 2.8Volts


Can this cause the stuttering?

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Right neil, sorry missed you on MSN, Playing BF2 :)


Start with this


TRCD - 3.0

TCL - 4

TRAS - 8

TRP - 4







RESPONSE - A (or Normal)








If your having trouble with that @ 250Hz @ 2.8V there's a problem with your memory. THese are the stock settings. It's not very often you will get TRCD below 3.0 or TCL or TRP below 4. Neither will you get Tras below 8 at these speeds and over.


If you use these settings, Most on auto, i got 300Hz out of mine. It's really debatable wheather all these other settings actually do anything much at all and the time and effort finding out the right settings for your actually specific 2 sticks can take forever.


Your best using them settings, Underclock your processor loads, then test the max you can get out of your memory in mem test running 1 complete test. Start @ 270 and go up in 5's untill you get errors. Say you get errors @ 300Hz, knock it back down to 295 and run mem-test about 3-4 times. If no errors occur you probably got the max those sticks can do.


I see your processor is @ 2.8. If your using 295Hz that had to be x10 or x9, either way its 2.95Ghz or 2.665Ghz, And dont use .5 multiplyers, they dont work on the memory and round it off to the nearest whole. So if im right it looks like your trying 295x9.5, getting 2.8 for your processor, and getting 295 for your memory which is un-likly it'll cope with that kinda stress, and even if the memory is running 260ish as you say, those timing's are tight for this memory.


Go through the overclocking guide by thundra for more detail, Hope some of this helps ;)



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"Dear valued customer,


We have recently received the RMA you have sent back to us for replacement. This email is to inform you that your item is currently out of stock or has since been discontinued. Because we cannot guarantee when this item will be available, and you are within our 30-day refund time period, a full refund will be credited to your account."


newegg 0wnz!


I got that same email a couple days ago. and w00t was I happy.

went with the g.skill hz's as a replacement.. not much oc'ing luck so far.. but my ballistix wouldn't do anything past 250mhz.. before they died in a few weeks(with a 92mm fan blowing on them the whole time I had them..) and I got $100 back so I'm rather happy..

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