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Crucial Ballistix 2x1GB PC4000 kit gone bad (merged)

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While your settings didn't work for me. I did find something that did.

When I lowered my ram to 2.6v I can get stable dual channel pc3200 ballistix memory with two sticks in 2&4 slots.


Here are the settings that work for me:


Errtta94= Disabled

CPUthrottling = Disabled

PCIpayload = 256 or the amount of RAm on video card

Harddrive delay = 2


FSB = 200

LDT/FSB = 4.0

CPU VID Startup = 1.450

CPU VID = 1.450

VID Special = 110%

LTD = 1.4

Chipset = 1.8

Dram = 2.6



200 1:1

Enable CPC

















Level 6

Level 4







8 Burst Disabled


Not the best timings but stable on my pc for 4 hour in memtest.

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I notice that both of you are maxing out on your chipset voltage. I'll try that. my problem is that I can't boot over 220mhz without 2.9v.


My timings are simmilar, but one run of memtest isn't enough - after 4-5 passes, I seem to get errors (one of my sticks is bad - that's another story) -but essentially my problem seems to be that inadequate volts - no boot

too much volts - overheats and errors. - but I have been able to boot into windows at 3.2v and 260 mhz.


The leeway I've got is tiny.

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With the settings y see in tweaker memtest is error free up to 232fsb.

vdimm=3.2volts...ballistix seems to respond to increased voltage up to 3.1~3.2

max async latency and read preamble can be even lower without affecting stability

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Last night I got up to 270FSB with a single stick (but I do have the DDR4000 variety)

It was with a single stick - the other stick had memtest errors.


Timings were just standard timings off he sticky with 2.5-4-4-10.

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try 3-2-3-5 these are timings micron chips like... ;-) with 3-2-3-5 (3.2vdimm) i can go up to 262 memtest errror free-of course dual channel

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Thanks - the more ranges to try the better. It'll be interesting to see if I can repeat the 270 (2.7v) with dual channel. It was memtest passed at 8h.


My observations about ballistix and memory is - for some reason it needs volts to post; but the lower the voltage, the better for prolonged memtest stability.


Difficult balancing act. I haven't quite clarified what's right or not yet.


As ever, testing, testing, testing.

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I'm still having problems with my PC4000 Ballistix.

The PC wouldn't boot unless I did a reset of the BIOS, and then it would freeze up in the Genie portion of the BIOS.

Then I tried a stick of Value RAM i had lying around. I then was able to set the RAM timing according to RGone's conservative settings, and lo and behold the thing booted.

Later I have tried his more agressive timings, but a Trcd of 3, Max Asynch Latency = AUTO and Read Preamble = AUTO are no go's. It would post, but not boot.


Running the memory at 200Mhz isn't really satisfying, and seeing how this memory screams on other NF4 boards, I'm really hoping for a BIOS update.


A good indication would be at least to be able to boot with optimal BIOS settings.

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see the timings as they are set in tweaker and check if they ll work for y! i guess they will

I use the latest beta BIOS and 3.2vdimm - if y use 3.2vdimm use a fan in order to keep ram cool

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If you read rgone's ballistix specific post, he had most luck with the 201 bios. I haven't tried the 218, but I've been able to get my memory at 234 dual channel, prime stable (9/10 divider giving me 2600mhz processor speed) - and a memtest 8h on one stick at 270mhz, again with the 201 bios.


But one of my sticks were defective - so I can't test any more till I get replacements.

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After a LOT of testing and configuration, I think i've found a way to get Crucial Ballistix RAM to work with DFI boards without issue. Until a BIOS is released that makes Crucial Ballistix RAM more compatible, this is the best option. The results speak for themselves:


2x Crucial Ballistix 512MB [email protected] 2-2-2-6, 2.7v on DFI Lanparty UT nF4 SLI-D


MemTest stable and Windows Memory Diagnostic stable!




Use the exact settings below and let me know if they work for you.


- Flash to BIOS 201 and clear CMOS settings

- Install Crucial Ballistix in YELLOW MEMORY SLOTS

- Plug power cables into BOTH the Molex and Floppy power connectors on the motherboard


Power up the machine and enter the BIOS. Set your CPU to run at stock speeds and stock HTT speeds, then enter the settings below. Anything I don't specify, leave at default or tune at will.



- Halt On: No Errors



Everything DISABLED except:

- SSE/SSE2 Instructions: Enabled




- FSB Bus Frequency: 200

- LDT/FSB Frequency Ratio: 4.0

- LDT Bus Transfer Width: down 16 up 16

- CPU/FSB Frequency Ratio: [your CPU's default multiplier]

- PCI eXpress Frequency: 101MHz [possibly 105MHz for ATI cards]

- K8 Cool n Quiet Support: Auto

- Cool n Quiet MAX FID: Auto

- CPU VID Startup Value: 1.425v [for 90nm CPUs only - experiment with 130nm]


- CPU VID Control: 1.425v [as above]

- CPU VID Special Control: Above VID * 110%

- LDT Voltage Control: 1.40v

- Chip Set Voltage Control: 1.80v

- DRAM Voltage Control: 2.70v :D [higher causes errors on my setup]



- DRAM Frequency Set: 200 (DRAM/FSB:1/01)

- Command Per Clock: Enable

- CAS Latency Control: 2.0

- RAS to CAS Delay: 2

- Min RAS active time: 6

- Row Precharge time: 2

- Row Cycle Time: 7

- Row Refresh Cyc Time: 14

- Row to Row Delay: 5

- Write Recovery Time: 3

- Write to Read Delay: 2

- Read to Write Delay: 5

- Refresh Period: 3120

- Write CAS Latency: 5

- DRAM Bank Interleave: Disabled


- DQS Skew Control: Increase Skew

- DQS Skew Value: 0

- DQS Skew Control: Level 6

- DRAM Data Drive Strength: Level 4

- Max Async Latency: 7.0

- Read Preamble Time: 5.0

- IdleCycle Limit: 256 Clocks

- Dynamic Counter: Disable

- R/W Queue Bypass: 16x

- Bypass Max: 7x

- 32 Byte Granularity: Disable (8 Bursts)



Let me know if it works for you! I will keep updating this thread with more aggressive timings as I find them - watch this space!


Hi jhbodle!


I´ve ran memtest for 2h30m without any errors (see my sig for specs):


- CAS Latency Control: 2.0

- RAS to CAS Delay: 2

- Min RAS active time: 8

- Row Precharge time: 2


DRAM voltage= 2.8


Every other settings on bios dram config are AUTO.



What are your most agressing and stable timings?



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I'm now 8h memtest stable - prime and superpi stable at 260mhz. Very relaed timings 2.5-4-4-10 (but that's just me wanting to be errror free due to lack of time to fiddle - I'm sure I could tighten things up a bit.)


Again - running at low voltage 2.7 or 2.8 - can't remember offhand wich - and again wth most (but not all settings on auto)

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