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BIOS download links?

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Hello, I'm sure this is painfully obvious to everyone here, but god help me I scoured this place trying to find a link to some bioses. And yes I used the search function, read the faq, and critical/non-critical stickies. It is 2AM so maybe I just missed them.


Anyway if someone could provide a link that would be great. I am having trouble with my temperature readouts (67-74C at load, 56C at idle). I plan on adding my data to the thread where they're trying to work this out when I'm done compressing an xvid, but I digress.


Thanks for your help! This is my first time here, and I'm really glad Budman from Anandtech passed the link. This place looks really cool.


Edit: no oc'ing. Stock voltages everywhere. Would like to iron this issue out before I start raising things...

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